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Doc Greene reverse engineered Cybertronian tech so humans can use it.
The Phase Bit is similar to the Phase shifter and the technology the Doc uses to dispose of malfunctioning objects mirrors the ground bridge the bots in Transformers:Prime use.

The Rescue bots will be given actual weapons at the start of season 2
If the latest toy commercial's are anything to go by.
  • What would be totally awesome is if Optimus were to give the rescue bots the Iacon relics Team Prime recovered.
    • Heatwave could get the Polarity Gauntlet. Chase the Resonance Blaster. Boulder would work pretty good with the Immobilizer. And of course, Blades would look awesome in the Apex Armor.
  • Actually, Chase would probably prefer the immobilizer.

Cerebus Syndrome will hit the show
It worked for My Little Pony. No guarantee if the syndrome will stick.
  • They're about to introduce Doctor Morocco, the show's first honest-to-goodness villain, this weekend. Furthermore, his plots have been brewing in the background for a while now and he's voiced by Tim Curry, so depending on how evil he truly is, he may be the one to bring about the aforementioned Cerebus Syndrome.

A Decepticon will show up at some point
  • And he will be a Knight of Cerebus.
  • Perhaps a future plot will revolve around finding one in stasis on Earth, with the objective being to keep him from re-activating.
  • Or Starscream while heading home from Antarctica.
  • Perhaps evil counterparts of the Rescue Bots. Maybe expies of the Combaticons, since the Rescue Bots are expies of the Protectobots.
    • Um... I think the Combaticons are a bit too... ah, adult for this show. Maybe if they get a massive dose of Lighter and Softer.
      • Most likely not. Look, the Protectobots were built as rescuers first, and warriors second. The Rescue Bots are built specifically for rescue. Nothing else. The closest thing they’ve got to a weapon is a fire hose, for God’s sake! Heat Wave wanted to join Team Prime, but Optimus refused precisely for this reason. True, the Rescue Bots are brave, clever badasses. However, them going up sgainst a real Decepticon... probably. won't quite pan out.
    • The Combaticon expies will mostly be Harmless Villains, Evil Is Dumb, and/or Laughably Evil. Maybe even Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains.
  • Or perhaps someone like Sky-Byte or Waspinator who's a silly Decepticon rather than the properly evil ones in Prime.
  • Maybe a Defector from Decadence?
  • A Vehicon scout.
  • Oooor... I kinda like the idea of Evil Counterparts. Shouldn't even Decepticons have a team that's not specifically designed for combat? Like science, or paperwork, or salvaging... maybe even diplomacy.
  • The Constructicons would fit really well as evil counterparts. Given his paint job and that they left before the war started, Boulder might actually have been a former Constructicon himself.
  • Since it is a Lighter and Softer show, if a group of Decepticon do show-up, it'd be probably more inline with a Team Rocket-esque or Quirky Miniboss Squad group dynamic, where they aren't really evil, but nevertheless cause problems for the Rescue Bots, either directly (such as a confrontation), or indirectly (a harebrained scheme of theirs goes awry, so the Rescue Bots have to clean their mess).

Rescue Bots is set in the same continuity as Prime
Optimus has assigned them to work with humans away from the war in hopes that some transformers with a purpose other than combat can survive. Acting as goodwill ambassadors to Earth is just a bonus.
  • This has been confirmed by Word of God.
    • Perhaps the series takes place in its own continuity.
      • As stated below, it is indeed in the Aligned universe.

The season finale catastrophe will be caused by Unicron
  • Expanding upon that, the Rescue Bots will be called upon to deal with one of the natural disasters caused by Unicron's awakening.
    • Jossed, at least for season 1.
    • It may have happened offscreen. But it could have at least been mentioned in any of the episodes.
      • The storm at the beginning of "The Lost Bell" may have been caused by Unicron.

The season finale catastrophe will be caused by Nightmare Moon
It's definitely one way to cross-over the show with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Bumblebee will be the first character to cross over from Prime to Rescue Bots.
Nicked this theory from Chris McFeely; there will be a future episode wherein another Autobot is called in to give the Rescue Bots some additional support, who turns out to be Bumblebee (whose official design for this series is already very Prime-like). In the corresponding Prime episode that same week, Bumblebee will be absent, with Ratchet or someone else explaining that he's away on a "special mission".
  • Confirmed.
    • Only if you don't count Optimus Prime, who was there when the Rescue Bots landed. Otherwise, Bumblebee is the second.

Doctor Morocco is in league with MECH (or a similar organization).
Even the Wiki thinks this one is a possibility; he mentions that he's selling weapons to a certain client who's seeking out advanced weapons for the purposes of building an army, and who do we know in this continuity who wants that?
  • MECH may even call on him to help transfer Silas's mind into Breakdown's body.
    • Jossed. And most top members of MECH are dead now, and Silas is most likely to be dead as of "The Human Factor".
  • Here's an even more frightening idea. Morocco may sell out to the now openly invading Decepticons. Now that's a scary thought!
    • He might not have a reason to hide either. He might become a take-over-the-world type mad scientist.
  • Jossed, thankfully.

Trex is Grimlock.
The other Dinobots have been deactivated and Grimlock has been reprogrammed.
  • If Trex is the new Grimlock, he'd definitely be the most bizarre take on the character ever. I mean, a coffee serving butler?
  • or Trex will later be reprogrammed by the Decepticons to become Grimlock ala Transformers Animated.
    • Probably Jossed, now that we know FOC Grimlock and his Dinobots will be making their way into the Prime cartoon continuity.

Heatwave and Starscream will face each other in battle.
Because it'd be awesome to hear Steve Blum Talking to Himself as a hero and a villain.
  • Starscream could even deliver a speech to Heatwave about how they're Not So Different from each other.
  • For the record, Steve Blum himself has actually said in interviews that he wants this to happen.

"Rescue Bots" Heatwave is a part of the interdimensional Nexus Prime with amnesia.
It would be so cool if Heatwave had a Secret Origin story like that.

Rescue Force Sigma-17 are not the last Rescue Bots.
There is at least one more team out there. They will arrive on Earth and join up with the current team just in time for a crisis.
  • One would have a water vehicle alt-mode. Even though it is shown that the Rescue Bots can operate in the water, having a team member that specialized in aquatic rescue operation much less challenging.
  • One would have an ambulance alt-mode, and would be the medic.
  • One would have a motorcycle alt-mode, and would be the foil for Chase. Is law enforcement like Chase but is more laid-back and smaller to go places Chase's bulk body can't. Bonus points if the name is Groove.
  • No telling whether they'll be in the show, but the toyline already has two new upcoming Rescue Bots— Medix and Hoist. Medix is an ambulance, fulfilling one of the above guesses, but Hoist is a tow-truck.
    • Instead of Medix and Hoist, the show will introduce High Tide, Blurr and Salvage.
  • While there is now a Rescue Bot who transforms into a boat, that Rescue Bot is Heatwave rather than a new arrival.

The original alt-modes for the Rescue Bots before coming to Earth are...
Heatwave's has already been confirmed as the cybertronian equivalent of a fire truck by a line of dialogue in the pilot, but the other three are still open for guesses.
  • Blades may have been a forklift-type or other ground vehicle with wheels and some sort of blades on it like a Cybertronian sized Jaws of Life.
    • Blades may have actually had some kind of aquatic vehicle mode like Seaspray or Thunderblast.
  • Boulder has likely been a construction vehicle of one sort or another all his life, given his Genius Bruiser status and interest in engineering ("Hydraulic conductivity is fascinating!").
  • Chase was a high-speed pursuit vehicle, like he is now. He's always been the lawman, after all.

Before he was a Rescue Bot, Heatwave was a Wrecker
...and most of his Wrecking involved melting bad guys into slag.
  • Probably not from the way Optimus tends to keep treating him like a rookie/kid not yet ready for combat.
    • Though he did mention he was a Lobbing champion. So maybe he was a sports star?

Chief Charlie Burns learned from agent William Fowler the existence of the Autobots.
As to why...
  • While on patrol in Griffin Rock, Decepticons tried to steal technology for a spacebridge and he encountered them fighting the Autobots and afterwards Fowler explained it to him.
  • Or Burns might have been an Army Ranger once like Fowler and might have been in the same unit. Fowler trusts him enough to involve him.

In the next season, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Smokescreen (and Jack, Miko, and Raf) will make appearances
Either sequentially while trying to find each other again, or all together in a big crossover.
  • Since the Autobot Base got blown up in the Prime season 2 finale. The Rescue bots may offer Team Prime a place to crash until they can get there bearings.
  • This might happen in the Rescue Bots season 2 premier.

Roger Craig Smith's character will come into conflict with Chase.
  • Jossed.

The show takes place some time after Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters.
  • Optimus in this show looks different from his appearance from season 1 & 2 of Prime and looks more like his Beast Hunters look (as seen in the toyline). One can argue that his look in Rescue Bots is due to difference in art styles between the shows or a homage to his G1 appearance. But since shows share the same continuity...
    • Only problem with that theory, Optimus didn't have his jetpack or Gatling gun.
      • Don't forgot that Optimus is still alive in Rescue Bots.
    • Not to mention Bumblebee didn't have his normal voice.

Conversely, the show takes place before Transformers: Prime
This would also explain why Optimus and Bumblebee look different, as well as why they're not needed elsewhere and why there's no concern about the Decepticons (who would be laying low until around the time Prime started, if the way Optimus reports their activity to Fowler in the Prime pilot is anything to go by). And the ties between the two shows don't do much to really indicate when they take place relative to each other, Word of God might say they take place at the same time, but that's just intent, a plan, and plans can be changed. Even if it's not on the table to do so now, Rescue Bots could easily be moved to an earlier point on the timeline in order to make room for more seasons without having to deal with fallout from other parts of the universe.
  • Word of God said Season 2 takes place concurrently with Season 2 of Prime.

Once Optimus tells the Rescue Bots that Cybertron has been restored to normal. The team will have to decide whether or not to leave earth.
And the team will decide to stay at Griffin Rock, of course.
  • Sadly since "Predacons Rising" apparently takes place before Rescue Bots second season, it may not be Optimus who tells them.
    • Jossed for Season 2, or at least most of season 2, on Twitter by Nicole Dubuc.
    • Word of God is the second season of Rescue Bots is basically concurrent with the second season of Prime, and the same is true for the respective first seasons. So it may not come up for a while.

Building on the above...

Optimus will send Autobots to team Sigma-17 to be trained as new Rescue Bots.
Now that Cybertron has been revived, it needs a new Rescue Bots corps.
  • Considering what happened to Optimus in "Predacons Rising", I imagine it'll be Bumblebee who sends them any potential recruits.

They're juvenile Transformers, and "Rescue Bots" is a cadet type role.
That's why Prime was surprised that any were left: all other RB teams were rushed to full combat status. This would explain some of their behavior ("let's adopt a zoo animal!") and another reason for Prime's decision to put them in a relatively safe assignment.
  • A more likely reason Prime was surprised is because all of the other teams were aboard the transports destroyed by Trypticon when the Great Exodus began.

Chase did betray the team and is now working as a spy
Why? Because he is so obviously evil, that's why.

Two more humans will join the rescue team.
They will get partner Rescue Bots, Medix and Hoist.
  • The most likely humans are Taylor (Dani's crush who is a pilot and has EMT training) and Carin (a woman who has taken a shine to Chief Burns and was a police dispatcher). They would get partnered with Medix and Hoist respectively.

Dr. Morocco and the Pynchs are related.
They all have dark hair and are planning something evil for Griffin Rock.

Madeline Pynch will return.

Blurr is a Decepticon spy.
It's the only explanation for his behavior. Dr. Morocco secretly contacted Megatron, told him about the Rescue Bots, and now Megatron has sent a spy to destroy them since going there himself would be a waste of his time, he has no faith in Starscream or Knock-Out's abilities to do the job, Shockwave is busy, Soundwave is in Autobot custody or in the other dimension, and the Vehicons are Red Shirts.

Blades is a fugitive from the Shatterverse.
G1 Blades is an agressive, violent, underhanded brawler eager to leap into battle. So presumably, a Blades from a mirror universe with an inverted personality would border on Lovable Coward. And since that's not the type of guy who generally does well (or lives long) working for a psychotic warlord, he took the first escape route he could find, which turned out to be an experimental dimensional portal. He arrived in the Alligned continuity and wound up falling in with the Rescue Bots, a role which suited him far better than that of Prime's storm trooper. (He nearly lost it when he saw Optimus waiting for him on Earth, but fortunately froze up long enough to see that this was a very different Optimus.)

Season 4 will start with the marriage of doc green and professor baranova.
It would make perfect sense to start the season with that.
  • Slightly jossed. They're already married and Frankie is a big sister.

The Burns family is somehow related to Mr. Burns of The Simpsons.
Yes, only saying this because their last name is the same but hey, this is Wild Mass Guessing so it does seem a bit natural. As for a little extra factoid a member of this family is Charlie Burns and though he is usually referred through his middle name of "Monty" Old Man Burnsie's first name is Charles.

Decepticon prisoners from the Alchemor will show up in Griffith Rock.
Season 4's Time Skip was a way to catch up with the second season of Robots in Disguise, and a few Decepticon prisoners will show up in Griffith Rock. The Rescue Bots, having never faced Decepticons, will find themselves in over their heads, before the Away Team arrives, defeats the Decepticons, and takes the prisoners back to the junkyard on the mainland.

But before that, though, Blades expresses his dislike of Jetstorm and Slipstream because they called him a "poor man's Windblade", having never seen a helicopter before.