Funny / TomServo3

  • From Tomorrow We Die it opens with "Man was born horny" and many comments of 'well, ain't that the truth!'
  • Too Smart for Stoners: "Tigger PAWNCH!"
    • Also:
    Pooh: I never forget three things we must all know-!
    Piglet: You mean three things to remember when-
    Pooh: Shut the hell up, Piglet. I'm top dog. I explain shit. You're not important. You don't get to explain.
  • Winnie the Pooh Still Doesn't Know How to be Too Smart for Strangers:
    Tigger: Now watch The Room!
    Johnny: Hi doggie, hi doggie, hi doggie, I'm FED AHP with this WURLD, hi doggie, hi doggie, hi doggie...
  • From "The Red Butt":
    "Then, suddenly, Jim Dale only came into the class—"
    ""Wizards fart," said Hagrid."
    ""I had a wonderful time doing that," said Hagrid, rubbing Hagrid's big enormous purple hamburger restaurants."
  • From "Room For One More Whore":
    "[Joseph Asscrack] spent the day in Philadelphia. He spent the day high in one of the new office buildings. He was waiting for an elephant to take him home..."
    "Go away Thomas and go away Alfred, you're stupid."
  • Tomorrow We Die
    Goofy: You are racist, evil and...FAT AS A FAG?!?!?
    • The Dr. Rabbit joke
    Dr. Rabbit Ha ha ha. You are now a gay rabbit. All rabbits are queers. Oh...wait! I'm a rabbit. Crap.
  • The Too Smart for Strangers poops. All fucking five of them!
  • The Count Destroys Ernie's Mediocre Structure.
    Count: Silence! *casts a spell on Bert and Ernie* I am gay.
    Count:Oh. Did I move his cock?
    Bert: Yes, you did, you dick.
  • Arthur's Pervert Troubles, Extra Wide Sphincter Edition - The whole thing!
    • "I'm very hard." said their pedophile teacher, Mr. Assburn.
    • "Buster patted his dick".
    • The list of "spelling words" Mr. Assburn gives to Arthur.
  • The F'Up Adventures of Ronald McDonald, Part 1
    McDonald's Gang: "These rides aren't funny, what a crappy racetrack! If I paid
    Lickboot: MONEY...
    McDonald's Gang: I'd ask for crack! We don't want to stay here anymore. Never had an orgy like this before!
  • Garfield Goes Nude
    • "Garfield, I'm a homo!" "Gee, what a gay announcement."
    • The new take on the workout song:
    Jon: Here's my little penis!
    Garfield: Here's my dope.