Funny / Tiger & Bunny

  • The pilot, completely narrated in surprisingly good Gratuitous English is the perfect example of Narm Charm.
    • "The veteran with a beard! :D"
  • Here's a fun trick: Take a look at a picture of Barnaby. Now take a look at Barnaby's VA in this video. Somebody's been getting a little too into their role.
  • Anytime Kotetsu does the On the Next narration and gets to the Gratuitous English episode title, leading to a copout at the end of Episode 9.
  • Episode 1:
    • The bank robbers getting away while the truck is still stuck to Rock Bison's horns.
    • The part while the announcer is describing Wild Tiger's Hundred Power, the last on-the-run criminal is ordering the monorail conductor:
      Mario: Hold the phone! It appears Wild Tiger is activating his Hundred Power which makes his physical abilities a hundred times stronger!
      [cuts to the monorail car]
      Bank Robber: Go faster!
      Conductor: I can't!
      [cuts back to Wild Tiger, twisting the monorail track into a pretzel]
      Mario: Incredible!
      [cuts back to monorail car]
      Bank Robber: Stop the train!
      Conductor: I can't!
      • And pay attention to the train itself during this conversation: It's branded as the Poseidon Line, which is the transport company that sponsors Sky High. Perhaps this is why their monorail is shaped like Sky High's helmet. Or maybe Sky High's helmet is shaped like the monorail. Either way, hilarious.
    • Wild Tiger is trying to save the criminal from the crashing airship, but the criminal wants to wait to be saved by Sky High instead.
    • After Blue Rose saves the boat load of people she gets shot at, the look on her face as she does her "Cutie Escape" down the ice is hilarious.
    • After Wild Tiger's power expires, he is saved by an unexpected hero.
    Wild Tiger: Who the hell are you supposed to be?
    Barnaby: The guy who just saved your life.
  • Episode 2:
    • The part when Wild Tiger shot his grappling hook pistol at the statue to latch on to it and instead hits Barnaby at the moment he landed on the statue. Barnaby was then yanked toward Tiger and collided with him and another grappling hook launched and ricochet until both Tiger and Barnaby were tangled together.
    • The conversation when Wild Tiger gave Barnaby the nickname "Bunny".
  • Episode 3:
    • Barnaby's taking a photo with two pretty Fangirls and the instant before the shutter closes Origami Cyclone appears out of nowhere in frame.
    • Tiger's eloquent explanation of the Sternbild skyline when Barnaby points at a building and asks what it's supposed to be.
      Kotetsu: That would be another building. And you see that one next to it? That's a building too. And so's that little one down there. In fact, most of these things you see sticking up are buildings.
    • Agnes yells at Kotetsu for being uncooperative during the dinner, to which he responds by sulking and saying he thought it was going well.
  • Episode 4:
    • Tiger: Us heroes should be fighting real bad guys, ya know. Like guys with machine guns, BADADADADA!- [a nearby truck explodes] Eh? That's a tank!
    • After the announcer broadcasts his wonder whether of not Tiger will destroy something again and when the armored car started to side smash him, Tiger decided to destroy it and started kicking it but Agnes told him not to. Tiger then yelled to them to make up their mind on whether or not that they want him to destroy stuff.
    • Also when the announcer asks if Tiger's going to destroy something he responds with "Are you trying to provoke me?!"
  • The entirety of Episode 5.
    • Kotetsu doing the practice run for Barnaby's surprise carrying a rabbit plushie.
    • Barnaby not behaving as planned for the actual run of the surprise party. The whole screw up was hilarious, really.
    • "So this thing increases our power?" "NOPE, BUT IT MAKES YOU LOOK COOL."
    • Sky High sulking over not getting to deliver his lines, that he rehearsed all alone in an alley. It was lonely. Keep in mind, he spent so much time rehearsing his lines in that lonely alley that he missed not only his cue but the whole to-do with Pauly.
    • The episode's Stinger, showing us what happened to Rock Bison. What really makes it is that the other Heroes don't even seem to notice that Bison is missing, instead wondering what ever happened to the pink plush bunny that was supposed to be Barnaby's birthday present.
  • Episode 6:
    • Kotetsu vs the mech: Kotetsu gets a serious look on his face and takes a fighting stance— then runs away.
    • Fire Emblem's reaction to his Ferrari getting torn up by a mini mech's miniguns.
    • Tiger and Fire Emblem's argument about who should save who while hiding behind the evermore ruined Ferrari in question.
  • Episode 7:
    • Tiger's charity gig with Blue Rose, which ended in the two of them giving her catch phrase together in goofy poses.
  • Episode 8:
    • Kotetsu's group of NEXT's powers.
    • Ivan echoing Kotetsu while transformed as him. And then Kotetsu asking Ivan to "stop crying with his face" because it's depressing him.
    • "Take it before it's taken." The points, that is.
    • It's always fun when the dub takes throwaway lines and turns them into punchlines. Example after Kotetsu brags about his peptalk to Origami Cyclone:
      Principal: You have a great partner!
      Barnaby: So he keeps telling me.
  • Episode 9:
    • The heroes playing "pass the baby" when little Sam starts crying, his NEXT powers making objects fly around the room. They figure they need to hand him to a woman, but Karina/Blue Rose is too stunned from discovering that Kotetsu is a widower with a daughter.
      • WHO'S A BIG BOY?! SKY HIGH! (And Ivan's horrified expression next to him.)
      • Rock Bison treating the baby like a football.
      • Fire Emblem going from resisting being handed the baby to snatching him up when Barnaby first suggests that the cries for "Mama" would probably be best answered by a woman.
  • Episode 10:
    • Barnaby saves Kotetsu from a high fall, mentioning that it's been a while since he carried Kotetsu like that, and then asks if he's gained weight.
    • Origami Cyclone boasting about being a hero in front of a camera after saving someone... only to be punched right towards a wall.
  • Episode 11: Kotetsu's dramatic speech to the Mayor and his associates doesn't go quite as planned when it turns out he has trouble with the word "self-interests".
  • Episode 12:
  • Episode 13:
    Fire Emblem: Alright, ladies. Let's show them some girl power!
    Blue Rose: Girl power? One of us doesn't quite fit that description.
    Dragon Kid: I can't help it. I was always a tomboy.
    Blue Rose: Actually I wasn't talking about you.
    Fire Emblem: Wait a minute! Are you telling me I don't qualify?!
    Blue Rose: Oh, brother. I can't believe this conversation.
    • And towards the end of the episode, after the day has been saved and they're all ready to go home (and everyone is praising Barnaby while ignoring Kotetsu); "What's the matter? Why the long face? Could it be you wanna get some praise too?" "Ah, don't be ridiculous!"
  • Episode 14:
    • After 13 episodes of Mr. Lloyds telling Kotetsu "If you don't like it you can quit!" when Kotetsu says he'd rather quit being a hero than sing he reacts with a horrified "You absolutely cannot quit! Don't ever say that to me again!" It's lampshaded in a round about way by Barnaby saying that Mr. Lloyds has changed.
    • Kotetsu showing off his "moves".
    • The print on the towel Kotetsu gives Karina reads "Kaburagi Wine and Spirits".
    • Karina telling Kotetsu that she'll treasure the towel he gave her and then running off with a silly grin on her face while Kotetsu stares after her and looks completely baffled.
  • Episode 15:
    • When Tiger and Barnaby do a radio show together Tiger has some mild flirting with the female presenter, then cut to a blatantly jealous Karina stomping on the radio in the Heroes gym calling Tiger an idiot.
    • Keith mentioning that he's in love. The girls (and Fire Emblem) immediately give him advice, which he uses (to no avail). Also Nathan comments that everyone seems to be falling in love while looking right at Karina.
    • Barnaby Brooks Jr. finds himself the subject of a swimsuit photo shoot. Kotetsu gets to participate too, though not quite in the same way.
  • Episode 17: Kotetsu innocently offering to bond with Kaede by taking a bath together, and getting called a pervert. And then he responds to the accusation by wondering where she learned that word.
  • Episode 18:
    • Blue Rose pretending that she doesn't care that Kotetsu is back, and everyone (starting with the overly-honest Sky High) calling her on it.
    • Kaede dealing with her newly-activated powers: first her copy of Hundred Power, and later magnetism.
      • During Kotetsu's call with his mother, you can see various metal objects getting stuck to Kaede while Muramasa tries to pry them off her. He successfully removes one of them... only for it to get attached to Kaede again.
    • Karina sticking out her tongue in the background in the beginning when Barnaby says his call is from Lloyds, not Kotetsu.
  • Episode 19:
    • Kotetsu riding the animatronic tiger at the mall. While having a serious phone conversation.
    • And Barnaby's reaction to Kotetsu's attempts to "ruin" his precious "genuine leather" jacket.
  • Episode 20:
    • Karina with cucumber slices on her face is funny to start with, then Kotetsu walks in:
      Kotetsu: What happened to you? Fall asleep in your salad?
      Karina: Kyaaaaa! [does a Cutie Escape and hides behind Sky High, who looks rather bemused]
    • Kotetsu constantly getting sidetracked from drinking the drugged coffee. Repeatedly. While Maverick looks on in silently mounting frustration. Might be the most hilarious and epic example of unintentional trolling of all.
    • Kotetsu trying to convince the security guard that he is, in fact, Wild Tiger.
    • Sky High's little moment of Comically Missing the Point.
      Fire Emblem: I'm a bit worried about Handsome.
      Sky High: I'll say. [completely serious] Hosting a big event like that sounds stressful.
  • Episode 21:
    • Kotetsu trying to convince a crowd he's not the bad guy as the huge big screen behind him is flashing wanted posters and fugitive warnings.
    • Kotetsu's variation of the Cutie Escape during his fight with Black Suit Wild Tiger.
    Kotetsu: Are you serious? In that case... [does an Asskicking Pose as though preparing to fight, then suddenly turns and runs off] See ya!
  • Episode 22:
    • Kotetsu doing double thumbs-ups trying to make the other heroes remember.
      • Ben lampshades how ridiculous Kotetsu's plan to restore the heroes' memories looks. The incredulous delivery of his line really sells it.
    • Kotetsu getting freaked out when he thinks that Ben is going to turn him in to the police.
    • Dragon Kid calling Kotetsu a stalker after he revealed some of their intimate secrets. The fact Sky High thinks he should have been convinced by the egg-yolk 'secret'.
    • Kotetsu being mad at Bison and his reaction.
    • Kaede's death glares at Kotetsu when she finds out his secret and he can't come up with a good excuse why he didn't tell her.
  • Episode 23:
    • Barnaby, who was in the middle of attacking Kotetsu with the intent to kill, suddenly calling it off just because Kotetsu called him "Bunny" was totally grin-worthy.
    • While Tiger hugging Barnaby is heartwarming, Barnaby's reaction to being all but glomped is really funny.
    • The English dub gives us this gem when the heroes wake up in their cells:
      Nathan: I am going to bitch-slap someone for this!
  • Episode 24: Somehow, Kotetsu's "death scene" managed to both be heartbreakingly tragic and funny. Because really, with Famous Last Words like "You have really long eyelashes?" It might induce guilt, but it's hard not to laugh.
  • Episode 25:
    • Kotetsu wondering why no one bothered to check to see if he had a pulse after he passed out.
    • The line Kotetsu said after he woke up was very cool, but then we find out he totally rehearsed that.
    • Just after that Kaede and Barnaby go over to Kotetsu when they see he's OK. Then Blue Rose runs over to him bawling at the top of her lungs, Kotetsu looks kinda bemused by her being that upset followed by Fire Emblem telling Kotetsu he shouldn't make girls cry, the fact he is also sobbing makes it uncertain if he's talking about Kaede, Blue Rose or himself.
      • Though he was probably talking about all three of in, including himself in "The Girls' Team" again.
    • Origami Cyclone scaring Kotetsu by chucking his giant throwing-star at an escaping Maverick in a needlessly showy and thus awesome manner.
    • The book Karina is reading at the end has an oddly specific title: "100 Ways To Make A Single Father Fall For You".
      • Don't forget about the label advertising it as Fire Emblem's favorite.
    • After time skip: Barnaby once again saving Tiger from falling on top of a very expensive car with a princess carry, and after that, the argument over who's gonna pay for the car they just destroyed.
      • Especially the fact that they have most of their conversation while Barnaby is still holding Tiger.
  • In the middle of the first movie, in an almost Out-of-Character Moment, as Keith and Ivan are running to get suited up, Ivan asks why Keith isn't flying, to which Keith responds that he needs a jetpack to fly, or else he'll just float. Keith then immediately begins floating around Ivan like he's made of helium and scaring the crap out of the poor boy.
  • There's something strangely hilarious about the revelation in The Rising that Barnaby doesn't like pickles. It's such a specific, childish quirk...
    • The hero party in general, since Kotetsu lied about who wanted to meet who to get them there.
  • In the Rising, Rock Bison's attempts to compensate for his low popularity involve trying to imitate his co-workers in various ways, such as trying to sneak his way into photos like Origami Cyclone or whipping out an In the Name of the Moon speech that blatantly rips off Blue Rose's.
    • The Stinger, with Kotetsu and Barnaby riding down the street in their motorcycle.
    Kotetsu: Hey, how about I drive for a cha—
    Barnaby: Not gonna happen.
    • Also from the movie:
    Nathan: "I'm sick of getting dicked around. I'd rather be doing the dicking. "
    • Kaede's constant refusal to let her dad hug her.
    • The citizens keep calling Kotetsu by his real name, and he insists that a hero's identity should be secret, only to be reminded that ship had sailed.