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YMMV: Tiger & Bunny
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Not a very severe case, but while Barnaby is easily the second most popular character among the Japanese fandom (Kotetsu being the first), quite a few viewers from the Western hemisphere are downright insulting and hateful towards him for being a "pansy-ass, whiny, self-centered jerk of a loser".
  • And You Thought It Would Fail: The creators have expressed their surprise at the show's success—because everyone was sure it would be a complete bust.
  • Awesome Music: The first opening theme, "Orion wo Nazoru" and the second ending theme, "Mind Game".
  • Cargo Ship: The stuffed bunny from Episode 5 has apparently been getting as much action as Kotetsu and Barnaby. Also popular is Kotetsu/Bandages.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Dr. Rotwang, Mad Scientist extraordinaire who thrives on a Fantastic Racism for the superpowered NEXT. First introduced as a one-shot villain creating robots to take on the heroes, Rotwang appeared in the final episodes as the partner to the Big Bad of the series with one goal on his mind: to wipe out the NEXT and replace them with his robots. Rotwang mocked the very concept of friendship while trying to kill the city of Sternbild's superheroes, calling their friendship and devotion to one another 'pathetic'. Hateful, cruel and genocidal, Rotwang is truly a monster in even the idealistic show.
    • The Big Bad of the show, Albert Maverick, seemingly the kind and friendly benefactor of superheroes and founder of Hero TV. Maverick was the secret leader of the crime syndicate Ouroboros and was involved in many criminal activities. To make things easier for himself, he presented NEXT as marketable to gain them fans and create a superhero legacy, all the while hiding his being a NEXT himself whose power was Mind Rape. Maverick would murder the parents of future hero Barnaby Brooks to mold the boy into his perfect pawn—rewriting his memories every time Barnaby got too close to the truth. When he realized Barnaby's partner Kotetsu was too close to the truth, Maverick had Barnaby's mother figure Samantha murdered and framed Kotetsu, wiping the memories of everyone who knew his superhero identity. After this failed, he revealed he fully intended to wipe out his own NEXT and replace them with more easily controllable robots created by Rotwang. Feeling nothing but egotistical disgust at the doctor, the second his safety was compromised, Maverick murdered Rotwang after revealing he himself was NEXT.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Barnaby to Batman; their backstories are quite similar, though their personalities are not.
    • Keith Goodman has recently been getting compared to Alfred F. Jones/America due to their relatively similar appearances (tall, muscular, blue-eyed blonds) and their personalities (Upbeat, somewhat ditzy Love Freaks).
    • Jake Martinez is drawing an increasing number of comparisons to the Joker. (Though his younger counterpart must have raided Alan Gabriel's closet.)
    • And Kotetsu is Godot, or at least shares the same tailor; or perhaps an Older and Wiser Spider-Man.
    • A lot of people compare Lunatic with The Punisher, thanks to their similar ideologies.
    • Edward's powers are very similar to the Sandman from Spider-Man.
  • Cliché Storm/Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Subject matter wise, this show's take on superheroes could have been fresh and ground-breaking... if it was made in the 80s/90s.
  • Crack Pairing/Ships That Pass In The Night: Antonio/Ivan is pretty popular on Pixiv. They have never been seen talking together even once.
    • Keith/Ivan is becoming pretty popular as well.
      • Drama CD 4 is basically Keith/Ivan pandering at its finest.
    • As well as Yuri/Ivan. And then, recently, Pao-Lin/Ivan and Karina/Ivan have also been gaining some popularity. Then there's fanart of him on there with Barnaby too... seeing a pattern here?
    • Kaede/Lunatic. Yes, it exists.
    • Yuri/Scarf-tan thanks to this image from the Hero Awards pamplet.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Biglobe ISP conducted a character popularity survey of most of the shows from the spring 2011 anime season. Behind Kotetsu (1'st place) and Barnaby (2'nd), Sky High was the most popular character in the series...and the entire season.
    • An in-universe case with Origami Cyclone, who gets a lot of sponsors and a high card sales rate despite placing last in the hero rankings.
    • There had been plans to kill Rock Bison off, but his surprising popularity in the Japanese fandom meant that the idea was jossed and he ended up getting some extra lines and screen-time.
  • Epileptic Trees: There have been a few people suggesting Scarf Girl keeps turning up everywhere because she is either the Big Bad, involved with Ouroboros, a Fangirl for the heroes or she's just cursed with awful luck.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Jake Martinez: He's as evil as he is fabulous.
  • Freud Was Right: Episode 15 features a fountain that seems extremely sensitive to Keith's chance at love.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Many fans had a habit of joking that Ivan would be the first to die... until Episode 11 rolled along, at which point the fandom changed its tune to, "OH FUCK IVAN BETTER NOT HAVE DIED." He didn't, but it certainly was a close one.
    • Kotetsu drinks Mr. Legend's Hero Beer. Cute, but then came Episode 16... Haha, not funny.
    • Along the same lines, Kotetsu's smartass remark about Lunatic having a glove on his face (and the fandom's subsequent adoption of "Palm-Face" as a Fan Nickname for him) has become a case of Dude, Not Funny! following the revelation in Episode 16 that the design is based on the handprint burn scar on Yuri's face, left there by his father when Yuri burned him to death.
    • This video was just a slightly creepy and weird thing before Episode 19.
    • In Episode 19, Barnaby says Kotetsu was among those people who the murderer in his memory changed into; Kotetsu jokingly replies that he didn't do it. Then comes Episode 20...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Barnaby nearly delivers a spinning kick to Kotetsu in Episode 23. It used to be a heartbreaking moment... until it was announced Yuri Lowenthal, aka Spinzaku himself, would be voicing Barnaby. Now it's hilarious.
    • There was a superhero called "Pepsiman" created by Pepsi in the 90s, and here we have a superheroine Blue Rose who advertises Pepsi.
    • In Episode 8, Kotetsu tells Ivan his power is great because he can just copy what someone looks like and use their power, though Ivan quickly clarifies that it doesn't work that way, he can only copy people's appearances. Later on in the series, Kaede is shown to be able to Power Copy.
  • Ho Yay + Les Yay: Take a look at this page.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: So far, Ivan has been paired with almost all significant characters. And Scarf-tan.
  • LGBT Fanbase: The show is really popular among fans of the Bara Genre. Heaven only knows why!
  • Memetic Bystander: Scarf-tan.
  • Memetic Mutation: For the fans not trying to turn everything Kotetsu and Barnaby say in the end credits into a slash prompt, the main pastime seems to be photoshopping Origami Cyclone into the background of everything.
    • Similarly, Barnaby wearing five pairs of the same glasses after he mentioned he owns that many in the end credits.
    • Fans have now officially commandeered MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAD from Batman.
    • Fans have taken a great liking to the pink plush bunny that was meant to be Barnaby's birthday present.
    • Episode 9 has given us HANDSOME ESCAPE!
    • Sky High's "X. And X again". Is also turn Up to Eleven in the fanworks.
    • All shall be awed by Kotetsu's amazing catbeard.
    • "Now my body pil— er, I can smell like Kotetsu!" / "I must have that delicious Oyaji Moe scent!" (See Memetic Sex God below).
    • "Origami Cyclone = First Hero To Die. Fucking Calling It!"
    • The animatronic tiger Kotetsu rode in the mall in Episode 19 is also slowly making its way here.
    • "Is it Saturday yet?"
    • Or the time Barnaby appeared wearing nothing more than a tiny speedo for a photoshoot, which has been edited into every scene with a screen imaginable.
    • Following this fanmade MMD, fandom exploded with Dark Tiger (called Ebi in Japan) fanart.
      • And to go with him, there's Ouro-Bunny - same idea, really - it's Barnaby's evil version, sometimes a Villainous Crossdresser.
    • Fans have become incredibly preoccupied with fried rice after they learned Barnaby had been practicing making it just for Kotetsu.
    • After learning that not only Barnaby and Karina, but even his own wife had a tsundere side that was revealed only towards him, the fandom has concluded that Kotetsu has a second NEXT power - drawing out the tsundere in those who're fond of him.
  • Memetic Molester: Lunatic. It doesn't help that he has a dungeon.
    • After Episode 19, Maverick. In his case, what doesn't help is the date rape allegory from that episode.
    • Jake Martinez, whose outfit can charitably be described as looking like a male hooker's. Taking down Origami Cyclone, Sky High, Rock Bison, and Wild Tiger all down in Curb Stomp Battles naturally spawned a lot of rape fanart.
    • Also Barnaby himself, who's often portrayed in fanart as being a raging Kotetsu fanboy in a manner similar to "Perverted Homura" from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (whom he is sometimes drawn as being dressed like).
  • Memetic Sex God: Kotetsu gets a lot of fans very hot under the collar. Pixiv's taken to turning everything he says or does into a metric ton of porn, while 2chan's bought out the entire stock of a brand of cologne simply because they wanted to know what he smelled like. 4chan also joined in soon after. (For added irony, the production team was originally afraid that Kotetsu wouldn't be well received by the audience because the they didn't expect viewers to find him physically attractivenote , among other things.)
  • Men Don't Cry/We Want Our Jerk Back: Common fan reactions to post-timeskip Barnaby.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For Maverick, it's having Samantha murdered. Of course he actually passed it twenty years ago when he killed Barnaby's parents, but the former is the first time we see his evil side for ourselves.
  • Narm: Barnaby's breakdown scream in the stinger of Episode 18 is more than a little hard to not laugh at, with facial distortion to rival anything seen in Code Geass.
  • Narm Charm: T&Bros are sincerely quite fond of Kotetsu's "crapsuit", particularly after Episode 21. It even got its own fan anthology.
  • No Yay: Maverick is really possessive of Barnaby; to the point of drugging him, mind-raping him several times and isolating him in his private mansion. Add in the Power Perversion Potential of having memory-altering NEXT powers and no amount of industrial strength Brain Bleach is ever gonna be enough.
  • Paranoia Fuel: What Maverick did to Barnaby may serve as this for anyone who has been raised by foster parents. The people who (apparently) loved and cared for you? They're Manipulative Bastards who only ever saw you as a tool to fulfill their own agendas. And while people in real life probably don't have Psychic Powers that enable them to rewrite memories, there are still plenty of ways to manipulate someone ever since childhood.
  • Periphery Demographic: It's seinen, yet has a massive contingent of female fans (at least in the English-speaking fanbase). How mysterious.
  • Real Women Never Have Crushes: A lot of fans react this way to Karina's frequent displays of embarrassment and emotional vulnerability where Kotetsu is concerned, since they see it as an "over-the-top display of her femininity".
  • Rewatch Bonus: The subtle hints and foreshadowing become a lot more apparent after having already watched the series once.
  • Robo Ship: Keith unwittingly falls for an android in Episode 15.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: The Karina x Kotetsu versus Barnaby x Kotetsu battles can get pretty dirty, so be careful what you say on any forum devoted to the topic!
  • Squick: Blue Rose falls in love with Tiger. Not only is he old enough to be her father, but she's only 7 years older than his daughter. Sort of softened in that it's not her first crush on a father figure and it's suggested in side material that she has a general fetish for older men.
  • Superlative Dubbing: The English dub is easily one of the best to come out from LA in the last few years and Wally Wingert and Yuri Lowenthal play off of each other well for the main duo.
    • While it's up to debate whether Kotesu and Barnaby's English voices are better or worse than their original voices, many of the other heroes and side characters are very well casted and dubbed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Episode 15 features Keith dealing with both a crush and personal insecurities stemming from his drop in the hero rankings. He doesn't get a Kotetsu lecture/pep talk why exactly?
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Kotetsu. The least popular superhero on HeroTV is the most popular character in the fandom.
  • What an Idiot: Maverick's plan to dispose of Kotetsu. It would probably have been easy to call up Ouroboros and arrange a heroic hospitalization, where he could do a memory edit during a visit. Instead he opts for a flashy plan that requires mindwiping everyone who knows Kotetsu's identity and then plastering his name and face all over the news, even though the necessity of the disposal is because his twenty-year edits on Barnaby's memory started failing when exposed to contradicting information. He also forgets that Kotetsu has a family, who could potentially cause the same problem. Not to mention that wiping the name Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from every record everywhere is time-consuming, probably expensive (do men in black suits get paid by the hour?), and could still fail if, say, Antonio had a note in his jacket reminding him to pay Kotetsu back. Also, you're dealing with a hero who was sponsored by a different company before Maverick had him become Barnaby's sidekick and whose HeroTV file (complete with real name) was researched by a judge who, via his anti-hero persona, had confronted him numerous times. It's almost like how a Gambit Roulette would end if it was played out logically.
  • The Woobie: Kotetsu (in later episodes) and Ivan.

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