Funny: Thunderbolts

Examples from the original series:

  • The series usually makes good use of Gosh Dangit To Heck but in Thunderbolts #50 the new Meteorite, who makes heavy use of Symbol Swearing in just about every speech bubble, ends up fighting with and getting captured by Moonstone who casually remarks "I washed this one's mouth out with soap..."
  • The Thunderbolts, led by Zemo, forced a Banana Republic to give up their secret atomic plans. The President Evil sent his navy, to no avail. He kept nagging that he would gather allies, go to the UN... and Zemo interrupted him, showing him and his cabinet a porn video of the president having sex with the wife of his minister (standing right next to him). What the Hell, Hero? Well, he ended the conflict swiftly, decisively, and... let's hope... without loss of life. Isn't that what heroes do?
  • In the Avengers/Thunderbolts crossover #3, the T-bolts attack The Wizard to steal some of his technology, causing him to furiously rant:
    Wizard: You invade my home? Threaten me? Disrespect me? Interrupt the Daily Show?
  • When Fixer references Animal House mid-battle, Zemo reveals that he's seen the film, and that he was rooting for Dean Wormer.

Examples from the Warren Ellis Retool:

Examples from the Andy Diggle Retool:

  • The death of Headsman is perfectly timed Black Comedy. You know that Scourge is going to try and kill Osborn, and when the hologram of him appears...
  • Mister X realizing, after killing an Asgardian warrior, that he just killed a god.

Examples from the Jeff Parker Retool the Cagebolts:

  • Ghost giving mouth-to-mouth to Songbird and Moonstone. Remember, this is the guy who is constantly followed by a swarm of flies.
    Moonstone: "Oh, nasty."
    • She pukes her guts out too; not sure if that is from the drowning, or Ghost.
  • Female inmates flashing and cat-calling Thor on his visit to the Raft.
    "You're gonna be very Thor after we have Thex!"
  • Satana flirting with Man-Thing, Juggernaut, Ghost and Moonstone. Also Luke's reaction.
  • From #162: Giant-Size Man-Thing.
  • Golden Age Moonstone.
  • Issue 176 (following the Dark Avengers retitle) has Man-Thing after his rebirth at the dawn of life on Earth as heard by Boomerang.
    Man-Thing: Y'all tha snitches that got me my riches.
    Boomerang: Why is he all thug-talking now? Does that seem weird to anyone else?
  • Also from Issue 176, Mr. Hyde's reaction to seeing the Watcher while time traveling.
    Mr. Hyde: What are YOU lookin' at, Y' bleedin' BABY MAN!?
  • Upon realizing that the time traveler they rescued was in fact Dr. Doom who promptly betrays them by destroying Thunderbolt Tower, the team stares in shock and anger, vocally plotting out revenge until we get to Boomerang.
    Ghost: Oh my!
    Moonstone: Well, that is that. So long Thunderbolts Tower.
    Centurius: If it takes a dozen lifetimes, I am going to kill Victor von Doom.
    Troll: Troll... home... gone?
    Hyde: I'll chew his foreign head off.
    Boomerang: I'll talk a lot about evening the score, and then get distracted by stuff and never get around to it.
  • Ghost in a party hat.
  • Man-Thing and Boomerang fist bump.

Examples from the Marvel NOW series:

  • The 2013 annual by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker is full of good jokes, including Elsa Bloodstone mistaking Elektra and Deadpool for The White Stripes, The Leader describing his sensors' readout as "They're really calm. They sound insane. Like Kevin Spacey." and a dig at the Shawarma-eating ending of the Avengers movie, but special mention should go to this exchange between Venom and Punisher in Jotunheim:
    Punisher: Let's go kill some gods.
    Venom: You can't kill gods.
    Punisher: I can kill whoever I want. I'm the mother ████ing Punisher.
    • Also from the annual: Ross declares they're going to kill Doctor Strange. Venom objects, Deadpool's all too ready to do so... and they're all stopped by The Leader - "We are unable to kill him. He's magic, we're not."
  • Deadpool states he's a certified notary, and thus can witness the team's contract with Mephisto.
    • The same issue has Johnny Blaze's Ghost Rider grumbling that he deserves the name "Daredevil" since he's a stuntman, and that the Man Without Fear is probably an accountant.
      • In the same conversation, he also brings up that he was in show business for a while, doing some movies. Unfortunately, they sucked.
    • Deadpool hijacks the contract to include a clause that allows him to obtain a new feather for his hat. From the wing of an angel. Which invades Hell through Deadpool's portal along with its comrades.
  • The series makes a subtle joke about the unpopular angel Punisher arc, which Punisher refuses to talk about.