Heartwarming / Thunderbolts

Examples from the original run:

  • Moonstone helping Jolt get over the trauma from her backstory that resulted in her hating school.
    Jolt: Thanks, Karla. You may be manipulative and self-centered... but you're a pretty good psychiatrist.

Examples from the Jeff Parker Re Tool the Cagebolts:

  • Or as heartwarming as a bunch of super-villains can be. Learning that they actually do give a damn about each other, despite their attitudes towards each other, in order to give an epic Curb-Stomp Battle to Hyperion that doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The insanely paranoid Ghost opening up to Moonstone JUST enough to share his origin with her. He even ponders if this is supposed to be a heartwarming sign of trust or simply a sign that he no longer views her as a threat.
  • The time-travelling Bolts sharing breakfast in #169. It's a charming little moment, a routine, everyday thing from this group of misfits and outcasts in the midst of the weirdness they're going through.
  • In issue #181, Troll is put in the position for the first time of actually having to take a human life in order to help the team as they lead a mutant army against a army of Judge Dredd inspired future police with tears in her eyes. Before she can swing her axe to kill one that was attacking Boomerang, Mr. Hyde grabs her and flings her to the group's destination where there would be no enemies and takes them on himself.
    Mr. Hyde: No, girl. Yer no killer.
  • When Juggernaut is possessed by one of the hammers during Fear Itself, the Thunderbolts have an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with him. During this fight, freaking Moonstone says "Cain Marko wouldn't hurt me! We depend on each other. You're one of us! You're not whatever this thing is saying you are! You're a Thunderbolt! You're my friend."