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Funny / Thunderbirds

  • In "The Man from MI5", when they're in Monte Carlo, Lady Penelope gives Parker the night off. As he's leaving, Lady Penelope asks him what he's doing with the bag he's carrying. He starts to tell her that he's taking it in case he wins anything at the casino he's going to. Then the bag falls open and all his burglary tools fall out.
    • Later, Lady Penelope asks him how he did at the casino, and he admits, sadly, that he lost. She asks how much he lost, to which Parker replies that it was what he lost. After a bit more prodding and uncertain murmuring....
    Penelope: Come on, you can tell me.
    Parker: Your yacht, m'lady.
  • "Vault of Death": Lady Penelope's driving. The funny part is seeing her guest and Parker are in the backseat, covering their eyes.
  • Several from "The Mighty Atom":
    • Parker and Kyrano fight over the drinks tray (notice that David Graham voices both characters at the same time).
    • Lady Penelope screams at the robotic mouse (off-screen).
    • The Hood crushes the robotic mouse after discovering photos of a terrified Lady Penelope.
    The Hood: You stupid, foolish, idiotic failure!
  • Alan's dream in Thunderbirds Are Go.
  • From the 2004 movie, as an in-joke on the series' use of human hands in close-ups, cuts to a puppet hand pressing a button at one point.