Awesome / Thunderbirds

The Series

  • In "Attack of the Alligators", all the problems of the episode get solved the moment Thunderbird 2 shows up.
    • They scare the mutant alligators away with the landing gear (the smoke and the fire), gun down the retreating alligators then send Thunderbird 4 to retrieve the last chemical from the river.
  • Fireflash's landing in the pilot episode.
  • In vault of Death, Scot and Virgil can't cut into the vault door, and the only key is too far away. They go into the subway to cut through the wall instead. Meanwhile Parker, outside the vault, asks lady Penelope for a Hairpin. In the time it takes Scot and Virgil to cut in, Parker manages to unlock the state of the art door using nothing except that one hairpin
  • Virgil saving Lady Penelope in 'The Perils of Penelope'.
  • Gordon saving the Fireflash at last minute in 'Operation Crash Dive' by simply putting the two ends of the cut wire together.
  • Brains saving Thunderbird 3 in 'Sun Probe'.

The Movie

  • As much as the movie is hated, the way they get Brains to finally call Jeff by his first name was pretty awesome.
    Brains: "DAMN IT JEFF, WAKE UP!!!"
    • As universally-loathed as the movie is, the redesigns of the Thunderbird craft were pretty awesome. And admit it, you felt a rush of adrenaline when those ships launched for the first time.
    • This moment during the climax made it impossible for this troper to hate this movie. A very nice moment that shows that Alan gained the maturity necessary during his adventure to join International Rescue at the end of the film.
    (As The Hood hangs on the catwalk above the whirring drill of The Mole)
    Alan: I don't want to save your life...
    (The Hood purposely lets go, but Alan grabs his arm.)
    Alan: ...but it's what we do.