Funny / The World's End


  • Oliver noting that crazy Gary will probably outlive them all - Steve remarks, "It'd be funny if it weren't true."
    • Right after, they're wondering which of them is the stupidest for actually listening to Gary and coming... then they hear a whistle and the camera cuts to Andy.
  • Gary tells the Network that humans don't like to be told what to do, and that they should "get in your spaceship, and fuck off back to Legoland you cunts!" Nick Frost Corpsing adds to the funny.
  • The Network tries to argue with Gary. He responds by yelling "fuck off you great big lamp!"
    The Network: Your reliance on profanity is a measure of your immaturity as a man and as a species!!! [Gary responds by blowing a raspberry]
    • The Network's total confusion and exasperation when dealing with Gary.
    The Network: It's useless arguing with you. [...] You will be left to your own devices.
    Gary: Really?
    The Network: Yeah. Fuck it.
  • The redhead "schoolgirl" telling Andrew she wants him inside of her. Andy then punches her through the stomach and retrieves his wedding ring she had earlier swallowed.
  • Oliver's blank reactivating and returning to his estate career, and replacing the upper half of his missing head with a football with marker eyes on it.
  • Gary being more concerned about spilling his pint than the Bar Brawl going on around him and which he's actively taking part in.
  • "King Gay!" *giggling*
    • Steve unabashedly admitting he was the one who scratched out the R.
  • "Let's get this antique...ON THE ROADSHOW!" The facial expressions on Gary's mates after the punchline is the definition of the Flat "What.".
  • Andy says he can't remember any processed foods that he misses after technology went out. Then a Cornetto wrapper blows against the fence he's standing by and he shakes the fence desperately.
  • This bit after their first fight with the Blanks:
    Oliver: WTF?
    Gary: What the fuck does "WTF" mean?
    Peter: [bursts out of a toilet stall] What the fuck!?
    Gary: Oh, right.
    • Then later at The Beehive after Andy smashes Blank!Oliver's head:
    Sam: Andy, what the fuck?
    Blank!Oliver: Yes, Andy, what the fuck?
    Gary: WTF?!
  • Andy going wild before the brawl with the blanks
  • Also this:
    Andy: [drunk] We're going to continue the crawl, because they might know what we're doing. But they don't know that we know what they're doing. And nobody has any better fuck it. [smashes his hand through glass in the door]
  • After Gary, Sam and Steve come back into the Two-Headed Dog after fighting off two Blanks, we see that Andy, Peter and Olliver are still trying to come up with names for the "not-robots."
    Andy: [drunk] Look, so far nobody has suggested anything better than Smashy-Smashing-Egg-Man.
  • A pissed off Andy confronts Gary on the fact that Gary lied about his mum being dead, all while Gary is cradling the decapitated body of one of the robots.
    • Following the world being sent back to the Dark Ages through the destruction of technology, we learn that Andy only knew a few people who were casualties. One of which was Gary's Mum.
  • Gary's secret code for asking Rev. Green if he has any drugs. He sidles up next to him at the bar, knocks on the counter a few times, then finally says, "You got any drugs?"
  • The way Andy giggles when one bartender says he must be a connoisseur...
  • The conversation in the car after Gary calls him and his friends the "Five Musketeers":
    Steve: Three Musketeers, I think.
    Peter: Four if you count d'Artagnan.
    Gary: Well, nobody knows how many there were, really do they? History's a sketchbook.
    Oliver: You do know that The Three Musketeers is a fiction, right? Written by Alexandre Dumas.
    Gary: A lot of people are saying that about The Bible these days.
    Gary: Don't be daft, Steve. It was written by Jesus. Anyway, five sounds better. They missed a trick when they used three, because two could have died and there'd still be three left.
    Gary: LET'S DO THIS!
  • Near the beginning, when Gary is trying to convince the teetotaling Andy to come along on the bar crawl.
    Andy: I haven't had a drink in sixteen years.
    • And when Andy orders a tap water instead of a pint:
    Gary: I don't believe this, a man of your legendary prowess drinking fucking...rain. It's like seeing a lion eating some hummus.
    Oliver: That doesn't make any sense.
    Gary: I know it doesn't make any sense.
  • After the guys leave The Mermaid:
    Steven: They knew these three would fall for a bunch of girls in school uniforms.
    Gary: Hey, who wouldn't, am I right?
    Pete: Fuck yeah!
    [Gary and Pete high-five each other]
  • Gary and Sam trying to escape. She suggests climbing down the drainpipe while he tries to jump off the roof onto a car. He lands hard on his back and hurts himself before wheezing "Climb down the drainpipe." Not long after:
    Gary: I always land on my feet.
    Sam: I don't know if that's true.
  • "Drinking!" "Beer!" "Pubs!" "*BELCH*" "Shall we?"
  • After the craziness starts to pile up in Newton Haven, former teetotaler Andy decides to neck all five shots in one go. The funniest parts are his ravenous grunting as he takes each one and the stunned reactions of everyone else considering Andy was the only one sober enough to drive back. Not anymore!
  • The use of The Doors cover of "Alabama Song", as the entire town stares at them trying to act natural.
  • The use of phone tones by the Network.
    The Network: The Network is having problems. *dee-dull-eeee*
    The Network: Fuck it. *breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
  • Gary's first idea for a cover story:
    Steven: Ten people have entered this bathroom in the last five minutes and not one has come out again, what are people gonna think?
    Gary: ... [brightly] Gay loving!
  • In a dark moment, Gary's aghast reaction to the fate of the Empties.
    Gary: [wide-eyed, shocked] MULCHED?!?
  • The Running Gag about having selective memory.
    Steven: You really have a selective memory, don't you?
    Gary: Somebody else was saying that!
    Andy: ME.
    Gary: No, I would have remembered.
    • Later:
    Oliver: Maybe they [the blanks] have selective memories.
    Gary: Yeah, like what's his name? [thinking hard]... ME!
  • This exchange after Basil explains the Blanks' replacement system:
    Steve: What happened to the people who got replaced?
    Basil: The Empties? Don't ask me what happened to them.
    Steve: What happened to the Empties?
    Basil: I told you not to ask me that!
    Gary: What happened to all the humans you replaced, the Empties?!
    Basil: I told you not to ask that!
  • After The Network leaving the Earth triggers an explosion, the boys ask Basil how to escape:
    Basil: Same as before! [starts running in the opposite direction] GO!
    Andy: The worst part is I promised myself I wouldn't die in this town.
    • And then Sam shows up in her car, Gary runs to greet her - and gets hit by the car. Steven joyfully exclaims that she came back for them, to which she agrees...before admitting that she also got lost trying to get out of town.
  • How did Mad Basil manage to avoid the blanks' influence? He always drinks from a crazy straw!


  • In the DVD commentary, a Shout-Out is made when David Bradley's character (Basil) reappears in "The Famous Cock", looking slightly depressed; in response, Simon Pegg flat out spoils a Game of Thrones season finalé twist, to which Edgar Wright starts cracking up.