Funny / The Super Hero Squad Show

  • Hulk's interactions with the phone during Reptil's debut episode. And that ending.
    Hulk: Riiiing! (cut to a shot of Super Hero City) RIIIIING! (cut to a shot of the Earth)RIIIIIIIING!!!!!
  • And in "This Silver, This Surfer":
    Wolverine: He is weird.
    Falcon: Says the guy who smells like a squirrel and has built in machetes.
  • And this in episode 5:
    Dr. Strange: No, Falcon, leave the magic to the Sorcerer Supreme!
    Thor: David Copperfield?
  • Just about anything the Hulk does.
    Hulk: *throws a potted plant out the window* Now plant will get plenty of sun!
  • When Skurge the Executioner freezes Valkyrie solid while she is cooking, Thor shouts that Asgardian meatballs taste disgusting if they are frozen, then defrosted. Skurge mocks him for thinking about food instead of acting concerned for her well-being. Later, when Valkyrie is freed, she also tears into Skurge for ruining the meatballs.
  • In "Stranger From a Savage Land", Iron Man calls Captain America for backup. Captain America's enthusiasm is priceless.
    Iron Man: We need you and your little shield to take a ride on a giant pterodactyl.
    Captain America: *looks at Iron Man suspiciously, then grins* Sir, yes sir! No jibber-jabber, sir!
    • At the end, Captain America's shield interacts with the Star Quartz, causing Dr. Doom's armor and helicopter to melt and crash. Then this happens:
    Captain America: Give it here or the world will know what kind of underpants a despot wears!
    Dr. Doom: HA! I'm wearing... A METAL THONG!
    Captain America: *gives Doom the exact same suspicious stare he gave Iron Man*
    Dr. Doom: BLAST IT! No, no, don't look! Just kidding! JUST KIDDING!
  • Various heroes going out to use their vacation time. Captain America? He's talking to Ed Brubanker on the phone while dressed like a Confederate soldier.
    Captain America: It's the Civil War, what could happen?
  • The Punisher. How do you make this guy Lighter and Softer? Just have him ramble on in Frank Miller's oh-so-easy-to-parody style of prose.
  • Doubling as a Shout-Out, when the mayor starts talking about a hero who gained powers after being bit by a spider, Wolverine tells the mayor "You just made that up". The kicker comes in when you realize the mayor is played by Stan Lee.
  • Just about the entire episode "The Saga of Beta Ray Bill, part 1"
    Thor: To prove my worth, I shall battle naked!
    Offscreen voice: Ewwwww!
    Thor: Not like that! Without weapons!
  • In the episode introducing Dormammu:
    Falcon: Dude! Your head is on fire!
    • Not to mention the scene where Dr. Strange reads the Squads' thoughts. Hulk is merely thinking "Hulk smash!" Predictable, but still funny.
  • Just this, at the end of an episode that featured the Skrulls:
    Dr. Doom: You mean this...was all about STRING CHEEEEEESE?!
  • One episode had a part where it looked like the world was about to be destroyed. Hero and villain alike start sadly preparing for the end.
    The Melter: (to Ms. Marvel) I have always loved you.
    Ms. Marvel: *punches him out*
  • "No one ever writes positive things on message boards!"
  • When the Squaddies need to find a place to crash (It Makes Sense in Context), Iron Man tries to think of who would be a good idea and of the choices:
  • The opening credits of Season Two ending with Thanos being smacked in the face by the show's logo.
  • Pretty much all of "Too Many Wolverines!", which features a Mythology Gag to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Thor suggesting that the clones would explain how Wolverine appears in so many comics every month, and the Wolverine clones being attracted to Canadian bacon and hockey sticks.
  • Dark Surfer using the Soul Stone on Wolverine to make him emotional. Especially when Wolvie turns it back on him.
    Soul!Surfer (sobbing): "So much Animal Emotion! As if a million fanboys suddenly saw an iconic character... redesigned!"
  • After Thor gets Mjölnir turned into a giant baby rattle, he is understandably upset:
    Thor: "Fiend! I say thee GOO!" (Materializes a huge blob of baby food over Reality!Surfer's head and dumps it on him)
  • This exchange about the Squad:
    M.O.D.O.K.: What are they doing at the water and power building?
    Abomination: Paying their super-power bill?
    M.O.D.O.K.: (swinging at Abomination while being held back) Want, to, hit you, but arms, too short!
  • The fact that THANOS actually appears in the show. Comparing his canon personality to the bratty, Laughably Evil one he has here...the last time he was this Out of Character, he was flying a helicopter with his name on it.