Funny / The Prince of Egypt

  • "You don't think we'll get in trouble for this, do you?"
    Moses: "No, not a chance!"
    • Almost immediately after, we see Seti chewing their asses off about what they've done.
      Seti: Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous sons!?
    • Later in the same conversation:
      Seti: Have I taught you nothing?
      Hotep: You mustn't be so hard on yourself, Your Majesty; you're an excellent teacher.
      Huy: Its not your fault your sons learned nothing.
      Huy: True.
  • Immediately after saying Rameses needed a chance to prove himself, Moses drops a wineskin onto the priests, who promptly blame Rameses. Who then dumps the entire bowl of wine on them with a look that just screams, 'Why the hell not?'
    Hotep: Aaagh, my new thing!
    Huy: I am so upset!
    • Moses offering him the rest of it helps, as pictured to the right.
    Moses: [holding out the bowl with a grin] You might as well.
    • And later on, the same thing occurs at the party:
      Rameses: I'm done for! Father will kill me!
      Moses: Don't worry, no one will even notice us come in!
      [They walk in; the entire crowd sees them and cheers loudly]
      Rameses: "Nobody will even notice."
      Moses: [guilty laugh]
    • And to top it all, their mother immediately realises that they're both late and calmly tells them what just happened under the cover of greeting them with a hug.
  • Aaron desperately trying to get Miriam to shut up.
    • (softly, through clenched teeth) "Miriam, you're gonna get us flogged."
    • "Oh, my good, she...she's exhausted from the day's work. Not that it was too much, we—we quite enjoyed it. But-But she's confused and knows not to whom she speaks!"
  • "... That's why Papa says she'll never get married," says the oldest of Tzipporah's three younger sisters.
    • Plus, right before that: "Excuse me! Aren't these your camels?" And falling into the well right after rescuing Tzipporah's sisters.
      • "Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well that's one I haven't heard before." *sees Moses in the well* "Oh! Uh-don't worry in there! We'll get you out!" Plus, you can see as she's walking up to the girls, the older two are pulling and the littlest one is just sort of helpfully holding the rope at the back.
      • And just before THAT? Moses is buried up to his scalp in a sandstorm. A passing camel tries to graze on his head, and after a groan of pain, Moses latches on to the camel, the first sign of life he's seen since fleeing Egypt. Clinging for dear life, he's dragged up to a watering hole for the SHEEP, and immediately plunges his head into the water to quench his thirst. He groggily raises his head, meeting the gaze of a ram with the greatest WTF face possibly in animation history.
      • The ram just does a jaw drop at the sight of Moses drinking from the watering hole. In any other movie, it would be the human being disgusted to drink from the same place as an animal, not the other way around!
      • And after that: "Please, you've cleaned every inch of me! WHOA! I was wrong!"
      • Followed by Moses holding a washcloth to cover what little of his naked body he can.
    • Everything with Jethro, the father of Tzipporah and her sisters, really. The guy is a giant walking ball of hilarity. Especially how he reacts to news that Moses wishes to marry his oldest daughter; he gives a "why not" gesture and bear hugs the couple.
  • Hotep and Huy's response to Moses's return.
    Hotep: Um, your majesty... we are compelled to remind you that this man has committed a serious crime against the gods.
    Huy: (grinning) We are loathe to bring it up, mind you.
    Hotep: Yet the law clearly states that the punishment for such a crime-
    Huy: (still cheerful) Death!
    Hotep: We hesitate to say it...
  • The priests' attempt to mimic Moses turning the river to blood by making the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of a powder drink.
  • When a fully adult Moses and Rameses are discussing their childhood and reminiscing about switching the heads of the temple idols. Overall, itís a very sad scene showing how vast a chasm has grown between their relationship and perspectives, but Rameses details which godsí heads Moses switched and finishes up with: ďÖand the priests thought it was a horrible omen and fasted FOR TWO MONTHS!Ē It actually is sadóthat this still bothers Rameses years later when he didnít even like the priests, as proof of his father-pleasing guilt complex thatís about to ruin his lifeóbut the story itself is (and the priests are) so ridiculous that itís still funny. (And it doesnít help that Moses thinks so, too, as evidenced by his faint chuckle at the memory.)
  • When the Hebrews are traveling through the parted Red Sea, an exhausted camel rests its head on Aaron's shoulders. Aaron commiserates.
    Aaron: Yeah, me too.
    • The same Camel earlier also tries to eat Aaron's hair. Gets funnier when you remember the same thing happened to Moses. The male side of that family apparently grows delicious hair.