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Heartwarming: The Prince of Egypt

  • "Through Heaven's Eyes" is a beautiful song, helping Moses to find something to believe in after leaving Egypt behind.
    • And during it, there's Moses and Tzipporah telling Jethro they want to get married, to which Jethro grabs them both in a hug.
  • It's probably worth mentioning that in Pharaoh's favor, he really was once a brother to Moses; When Moses killed an Egyptian, his first reaction was to try and find a way to save his brother, when Moses came back, his first reaction was to welcome him back with open arms.
  • When Moses parts the Red Sea, the first person to start crossing is Aaron with this beautiful "what are you all waiting for?" smile on his face. It's heartwarming both to see him having totally accepted Moses and to see his beaten down faith fully restored.
    • Even earlier than that, when Moses comes to announce that Pharaoh has freed the Hebrews, Aaron ducks into his house and returns roughly one second later with his bag on his shoulder, meaning that despite his complaining about Moses before, he had a bag packed and ready to go for when his little brother acomplished his mission and secured their freedom.
  • When the Exodus begins, we see two Egyptian guards throw down their spears, take off their headdresses, and fall in line with the leaving Israelites. When we next see them, they've become just part of the group, helping to cross the Red Sea like they've been with them all along.
  • A meta one for the fans. Go on any Youtube video of this film, and you're sure to find people saying something along the lines of "I'm an atheist, and this is still awesome." or "Shut up on the religious debate and enjoy the film.". Usually they're top comments.
  • The scene with Moses and the Burning Bush. And then the scene right afterward, where Moses tells the story to Tzipporah with no dialogue.
    • And the scene before that, when he's going out to tend the sheep, he whispers to her that he loves her while she sleeps. They're just so believable as a married couple.
  • During the Exodus, as the Cherubic Choir sings "Mi Chamocha". As they venture forth from Egypt, the song's tempo is slow, as the Hebrews are hesitant, their steps slow and uncertain. But as the song's tempo increases, we start seeing children playing. A girl offers a tired old woman her hand. A timid girl emerges from behind her mother's cloak and runs ahead, laughing. Two kids are hanging from Moses' staff which he has balanced on his shoulders. A man lifts his infant child in the air. Three young women start dancing. Some people break out musical instruments. The slow build-up from fear to joy as the Hebrews begin to realize that this is not a dream, that they are free of Pharaoh's yoke, is one of the most joyous moments in recent movie history.
    • And during the part where they're crossing the Red Sea, when the lightning just illuminates the water and a whale-shark swimming through, the little girl mentioned above is scared and the old woman from the aforementioned scene puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.
  • The Queen comforting Moses after he discovers his real lineage. Even if the history between the Hebrews and the Egyptians ends badly in this story, you can tell she genuinely loves him, considers him a son, and wants him to be happy.
    • Also, the scene where she discovers him in the basket. After a moment of surprise, he gives her the most adorable little baby smile and she just melts, along with the audience. Miriam's relieved prayer in the background make this scene even more beautiful.
    • And immediately afterwards: her handmaidens are looking at her in shock and disapproval- the Queen notices and gives them both an ice-cold Death Glare that makes them immediately back down, before announcing to her young son Rameses that they are going to show Pharaoh "your new baby brother".
  • Moses, Tzipporah, Miriam, and Aaron seen at the end. All walking together after the Hebrews have arrived at the Promised Land:
    • Moses and Tzippoarh hugging one another, with the former planting a soft kiss on his wife's head.
    • Seeing Miriam using a tambourine in her hand somehow made the scene even more great.
  • Near the end of the film, when Moses shares a hug with his sister, Miriam, he tells her, "thank you", showing his gratitude for her support, love, and unshakeable faith in him and God. That little "thank you" shows just how much Moses appreciates what Miriam has done for him in terms of her support.

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