Funny / The Next Food Network Star

  • In the season nine premiere, audiences can show just how much they like each competitor's pilot promo by using a device like a dial that raises with interest and drops with dislike. Watch how fast it drops for Danushka.
  • Everything that Alton ever says or does.
  • "I love game meat!"
  • In the third episode of season nine, Chad has to make a dish using cotton candy. He's putting some in a pan on the stove, and drops a tiny bit on surface, but doesn't pick it up because it looks cool disintegrating.
  • When Rodney becomes a judge in episode three of the ninth season, he uses the word "killer" to describe three out of the four dishes he judges.
  • Being the Ensemble Darkhorse of season ten, a lot of what Lenny says can make you laugh, but there's one particular example in the third episode playing homage to Cutthroat Kitchen when confronted with the challenge of the mini kitchen.
    Lenny: This could hurt Sarah, this could hurt Reuben, (Beat) ... aw hell, anything could hurt Kenny.
    • The episode also features Lenny having to make a smoothie by powering the blender with an exercise bike, as well as Reuben having to use the mini kitchen to make his entire dish.
  • In the second episode of Season 11, Arnold is called sloppy by Giada and vows never to be called sloppy in the second challenge of the episode. He proceeds to set up his food table with decorative birds and butterflies. Eddie's reaction is pretty amusing.
    Eddie: I didn't even know we had that kind of stuff in the kitchen.
    • Also Matthew's awkward interaction with Alex Guarnaschelli is funny to watch.
      Matthew: Hello Ms. Guarnaschelli. You're a beast.