Heartwarming / The Next Food Network Star

  • Most of the moments that Justin and Martie appeared together can be considered this.
    • They're even voted the cutest couple in the reunion special, despite Martie being 23 years older.
    • When the finalists for the pilots are being selected in season 8. Everyone on Team Alton is heartbroken that one of the two contestants is going to have to leave, but when Bob Tuschman announces that both Martie and Justin gets to make a pilot, it's a Tear Jerker in the best possible way.
  • Season 12 features an episode where someone close to each of the contestants is brought in for a challenge, including Damiano's brother, Ana's daughter, Tregaye's husband, and Jernard's wife. The simplicity of Jernard's response sums up what these contestants go through pretty well.
    Jernard: Bobby and Giada gave me more than I would've ever expected in my wildest dreams just to see my wife.