Funny: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

  • Eric, after calling down the girls shows his rarely used talent at Deadpan Snarking.
    Ariel: Just give us two minutes.
    Eric: Right, two minutes... (mumbles to himself after closing the door) Now, where have I heard that line before?
  • Sebastian's reaction to Triton saying that he will watch over Melody.
  • "And these WHOPPERS popped out!"
  • The reprisal of the chase between Chef Louis and Sebastian when Louis instantly recognizes Sebastian and says, "YOU!"
    • And the conclusion:
  • In true Disney Villain tradition, Morgana gets some of the best lines in the film.
    Morgana: (at the christening) Ursula would love to have come, but something came up. Now what was it? Oh yes! You all SHISH KABOBBED HER!
  • Tip and Dash's arguing over if Melody can stay with them or not. And Tip keeps using the same "You can't fly either!" excuse twice.