Tear Jerker / The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea


  • The entire emotional ordeal (and dismal failure) for Melody at her own 12th birthday party. She's already considered strange by her peers, and her parents' encouragement before the party eases her worries and helps her to believe that everything will be alright. But disaster strikes (through no fault of her own), she's utterly humiliated, everyone laughs at her and she flees the ballroom in tears. Seeing her crying alone in her bedroom afterwards is difficult to watch.
    • Ariel trying so hard to console Melody, but to no avail.
    Melody: (crying) What's wrong with me?
    Ariel: (sadly) Nothing's wrong with you—
    Melody: Mom, I'm the princess of disaster!
  • This may be a YMMV Tear Jerker, but it's pretty sad to to hear about Morgana's unfavorite status with her own mother.
    Morgana: (to the sky after besting Triton) See that, ma!? WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE NOW!?
  • At the beginning, when Ariel decides it's best for Melody's safety to not know anything about the sea. Possibly more tearjerking is that keeping Melody ignorant is exactly what leads her into trouble. Imagine that as a parent: you do what you think is best for your child and your actions turn out to be more harmful than helpful.
  • Ariel finding out Melody ran away.
  • The image of Melody being changed back into a human while in the cave and nearly drowning as a result.