Headscratchers / The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

  • With regards to the ridiculous rule about banning the ocean, if Ariel knew she was going to miss Triton so much, why didn't he just appoint Attina (his oldest daughter) the new ruler of Atlantis, transform himself into a human and live with Ariel, Eric, and Melody?
    • Just because Triton will miss his daughter doesn't mean he's going to give up his responsibility as the king. He knows he has an important job. And he may not be sure of Attina's leading ability.
    • That idea is just too stupid. The best he could do to is to stay in contact with his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter by using his magic to create a communication sound in a shell. That way, once they've captured/killed Morgana, they will be informed ASAP and Melody will be able to safely visit her grandfather whenever she wants. Unless it's possible for Ursula to return one of these days, but not as herself...
  • Why didn't Ariel and Eric just tell Melody why she couldn't go into the sea? Not only would Melody know why they have a giant wall, but then she'd know that there is a threat out there, and wouldn't be putting herself in danger everyday by going into the sea, and not knowing. If they kept the locket at the beginning (or told Melody when she found it), she'd believe them. Is it because they don't trust her with the truth? They seem to trust everyone else in the kingdom to keep a secret, so they should with their own daughter, especially since this whole thing concerns her.
    • And this is exactly why the film is viewed as such a prime example of Sequelitis.
  • When Morgana had the trident in her hands,why didn't she use its power to achieve One-Winged Angel and grow into a giant enemy monster version of herself like her sister did before???
    • Because she's insane and an idiot. Morgana's goal was to only show her mother that she can be just as good as Ursula, and mentioned that she was The Unfavorite out of the two.
    • Growing into a giant also served to make Ursula a better, easier to hit, slower-moving target for Eric's ship-steering skills. The whole point of the climax was that Morgana instead creates an impenetrable ice fortress around her and positions herself so high atop it that the mermen and other sea creatures can't reach her, thus forcing Melody, the only one with human legs, to accept herself for who she is and save the day without being a mermaid.
  • Another one.Sure,Morgana's ultimate punishment was a Fate Worse Than Death combined with And I Must Scream,but,wouldn't it have been better to blow her up to tiny squid bits to get rid of her once for all?.What if some random idiot (or worse,another villain) finds her and releases her from her icy prison?
    • Triton did declare "NEVER again will you or yours threaten my family. There'll be NO escape for you! EVER'' Then again, I don't see exactly how that is inescapable either. Unless Triton's magic made that ice block COMPLETELY INCAPABLE of melting?
    • Magically incapable or no, that ice block fell down deep into the water. Icy, frigid water, deep enough that no sunlight permeates, at the bottom of the Arctic (or Antarctic) Ocean. Even if Triton's final words to her weren't some kind of magically-enforced curse on her and her people, I think it's safe to say that Morgana's not going to be thawing out anytime soon.
  • Similar to one of the above questions, how did Ariel conclude keeping Melody ignorant of her heritage was best? Not allowing her into the sea is one thing, but where was the harm in telling her about Ariel's origins?
    • She probably thought knowing mermaids existed would make her want to go in the ocean more, since it'd effectively be telling her there's an entire country full of sentient beings who love swimming as much as she does. Or she might be worried Melody will notice the Generation Xerox and think she's a hypocrite. There's also the possibility the knowledge there are other beings down there will make her view the ocean as safer than she should (e.g. "I'll be fine; the mermaids will protect me").
  • Melody's argument with her mother and Morgana over the trident seems quite odd to me...I can understand why she's upset with Ariel on a personal level, but as far as Melody knows, Ariel had no role to play in the "theft" of the trident from Morgana, so Melody really shouldn't have been using it as a means of payback for lying to her. To add to that, Ariel never once tries to explain why the trident really is personal to her, instead opting to merely shout about how Morgana is lying without ever explaining the underlying reason for this.
  • The beginning of the movie shows that Melody can hold her breath for extremely lengthy amounts of time underwater, and even talk - why is there even an issue when she transforms back into a human later on?
    • There's a BIG difference between "holding your breath for a long time" and "holding your breath indefinitely". The former just means you'll take longer to die.
    • True, but she was only underwater for a few minutes in the end before Tip and Dash rammed through the ice and saved her.
    • It may have been a few minutes in film time, but in-universe time it was likely longer, hence why she fell unconscious.