Funny / The Last Angry Geek

  • From his "Angels Take Manhattan" episode of You Know Who:
    Amy: You think you'll just come back to life?
    Rory: When don't I?!
    LAG: Thank you!
  • From his "Cold War" episode of "You Know Who":
    • After Professor David Warner shoots an Ice Warrior with a revolver:
    "Good news, everyone! The NRA is is funding our research! We just need to carry pistols wherever we go!
    • Also his reaction to hearing the word get get back the Doctor: Pond. "I miss that sexy beast! Oh, and Amy too."
  • During YKW's "Nightmare in Silver", the audience is introduced to the new "Cyber-Mites":
    LAG: Linkara's not gonna be happy about this...
    (Gilligan Cut to Linkara building what must be his twentieth Cyber-Mat.)
    Linkara: Are you kidding me?! How am I supposed to make them that small?! I'm not a watch-maker! (looks mournfully at tools.) I'm gonna need a smaller screwdriver.
  • Any time the LAG tries to explain that the one who does the comic reviews is a different person from the one who does You Know Who. which of course leads to the question of how there can be two "Last" Angry Geeks.
  • In the review of "Night of the Doctor", taking the time to set up a Spit Take when Paul Mc Gann first appears as the Eighth Doctor.
  • His portrayal of Dan Didio who is really Lex Luthor and Joe Quesada in The Top 11 DCnU Mistakes.
  • In Future's End, there's something hilarious about the amount of limbering up Brad does when Critic kneels down to do the obvious (obvious given that they outright said he's a Sex Slave).