Funny / Leo And Satan

Pancake Doomsday
  • What makes this one particularly funny is that this is pretty much the only episode without any of the extremely disturbing Black Comedy that the series is known for. And this is only the first episode.

Algebra Aversion

Sugar Trip
  • The Bum that Leo and Satan encounter.
    Leo: I don't know, Satan. My mom told me to never to talk to strangers. And this one has an erection.

Trash Hazard
  • Satan's 'stealth' tactics and the ensuing exchange.
    Leo: Whoa Satan, looks like your stealth is out da window *cheesy smile*
    Satan: *serious* Shut the fuck up Leo.
    Satan: Booaaarrdd gaammee!
    Leo: Can we play it?
    Satan: I dunno, can we? *about 5 seconds of mocking gibberish*
    Leo: OK Satan, let's just play the board game.
  • Satan teaching Leo about the Ouija board.
    Satan: You put your finger on this here majigger, and then you ask it a question.
    Leo: Hello?
    Satan in a very stern, angry voice: I didn't say greet it, I SAID ASK IT A QUESTION.
  • Satan earnestly shouting "The power of Christ compels you!" is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
    Satan: The power of Christ compels you!
    Ghost Leo: Ah... fuck you.

Leo Goes to School
Exposed Entrepreneur: I never went to school, and LOOK AT ME! *note that he says this after tearing off the face of the bus driver he was wearing like a mask*
  • And this little gem from the same episode:
    Leo: I thought birthday wishes were supposed to come true.
    Satan: Nope. They're just like prayers.
    • Made even more darkly humorous by the fact that the wish actually did come true.