Funny / Leo And Satan

Algebra Aversion

Sugar Trip
  • The Bum that Leo and Satan encounter.
Leo: I don't know, Satan. My mom told me to never to talk to strangers. And this one has an erection.

Trash Hazard
  • Satan's 'stealth' tactics and the ensuing exchange.
Leo: Whoa Satan, looks like your stealth is out da window *cheesy smile*
Satan: *serious* Shut the fuck up Leo.
Satan: Booaaarrdd gaammee!
Leo: Can we play it?
Satan: I dunno, can we? *about 5 seconds of mocking gibberish*
Leo: OK Satan, let's just play the board game.
  • Satan teaching Leo about the Ouija board.
Satan: You put your finger on this here majigger, and then you ask it a question.
Leo: Hello?
Satan in a very stern, angry voice: I didn't say greet it, I SAID ASK IT A QUESTION.
  • Satan earnestly shouting "The power of Christ compels you!" is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
Satan: The power of Christ compels you!
Ghost Leo: Ah... fuck you.
Leo Goes to School
Exposed Entrepreneur: I never went to school, and LOOK AT ME! *note that he says this after tearing off the face of the bus driver he was wearing like a mask*
  • And this little gem from the same episode:

Leo: I thought birthday wishes were supposed to come true.
Satan: Nope. They're just like prayers.
  • Made even more darkly humorous by the fact that the wish actually did come true.