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Funny: The Cat in the Hat

1970s Special

2003 Film

Okay so the film not exactly a masterpiece. But there are some genuinely funny moments.

  • In the live action movie, the Cat suddenly "chops off" part of his tail, making him yell "Son of a-" *BEEP!*
    • Which cuts to a "Hang in there baby!" poster with the cat wearing a familiar hat.
    • It's more how the timing of this one works. The assistant (also played by The Cat) making that "cut the feed" motion just as he's cussing a blue streak.
  • You're not just wrong, you're stupid! Admit it, that bit was kinda funny.
  • "How many shots?"
  • "Honey, it was ruined when she bought it."
  • The Cat exclaiming "Dirty Hoe" to said gardening tool.
  • The "murder Third Option" bit. It's obvious Mike wasn't being serious with that and reminds you a lot of his Dr. Evil persona from Austin Powers.
  • Cat nearly attacking the Birthday Boy after the groin attack while disguised as a pinata. The kids have to drag him off before he can go through with it.
  • "I just need you sign this petition with this giant oversized pen that requires both hands."
  • The driving scene. "Wait a minute, three people can't drive at the same time!"
    • "I think there's something wrong with your brakes, when's the last time you had them checked?" (said while holding the severed brake pedal)
    • "I dunno, there's this little voice inside my head that's saying, "This is a bad idea", but I can hardly hear that little voice because at the same time an even louder voice is screaming, "LET THE TWELVE-YEAR-OLD DRIVE!!""
  • The Cat complained that his eyes were closed when he and the kids' picture was taken. Because he was vomiting.
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