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Funny: The Cat in the Hat

1970s Special

2003 Film

Okay so the film not exactly a masterpiece. But there are some genuinely funny moments.

  • In the live action movie, the Cat suddenly "chops off" part of his tail, making him yell "Son of a-" *BEEP!*
    • Which cuts to a "Hang in there baby!" poster with the cat wearing a familiar hat.
    • It's more how the timing of this one works. The assistant (also played by The Cat) making that "cut the feed" motion just as he's cussing a blue streak.
  • You're not just wrong, you're stupid! Admit it, that bit was kinda funny.
  • "How many shots?"
  • "Honey, it was ruined when she bought it."
  • The Cat exclaiming "Dirty Hoe" to said gardening tool.
  • The "murder Third Option" bit. It's obvious Mike wasn't being serious with that and reminds you a lot of his Dr. Evil persona from Austin Powers.
  • Cat nearly attacking the Birthday Boy after the groin attack while disguised as a pinata. The kids have to drag him off before he can go through with it.
  • "I just need you sign this petition with this giant oversized pen that requires both hands."
  • The driving scene. "Wait a minute, two people can't drive at the same time!" "You're right...we should all drive."
    • "I think there's something wrong with your brakes, when's the last time you had them checked?" (said while holding the severed brake pedal)
    • "I dunno, there's this little voice inside my head that's saying, "This is a bad idea", but I can hardly hear that little voice because at the same time an even louder voice is screaming, "LET THE TWELVE-YEAR-OLD DRIVE!!""
  • The Cat complained that his eyes were closed when he and the kids' picture was taken. Because he was vomiting.
  • Thing 2 would like to clarify that just because he wears the number '2' does not imply in any way that he is inferior to Thing 1. You may feel free to call him 'Thing A', if you like. He will also accept 'Super Thing', 'Thing King', 'Kid Dynamite', 'CHOCOLATE THUN-DA'...Or 'Ben.'
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