Funny: Cat City

  • Practically any dialogue between Teufel and Safranek, or any scene involving the bats. Or the rats.
  • Let's not forget Grabowski's deadpan moments. "I thought you died!!" "I usually don't." indeed.
  • Some scenes with the cat-mobsters wreaking havoc in the city can count, too. "Sir!" "What?!" "You happened to forget the tv programme here..."
  • The battle scene made good use of Toon Physics. It starts with the cats launching three rockets at the airplane carrying Grabowsky: one enters a cloud and remains hidden in it for the next few seconds, then it looks around, finds the plane sneers at it in a cat voice, before hitting it. The other two? They do some flashy manuovers until their trail of smoke forms a knot...which them together, leaving them inefficently hanging on the same cloud, the third was hiding inside. During the battle a cat fires an RPG at the convoy which they believe to be transporting Grabowsky. His parter refills the RPG luancher, but gets sucked inside it as the other cat fires again. Cue the crosshairs giving him a Game Over message. Another cat is shown holding the ammo-chains of his partner's chain gun before the battle. When the fighting starts he's shown throwing grenades with one hand, while holding the ammo with the other. Next time we see him, he's tied up in the ammo-chain, and is spun around rapidly as the gun draws in new and new bullets.