Heartwarming / Cat City

  • The scene where Cathy is playing with a little mouse is nothing short of adorable.
    • It quickly turns into a Tear Jerker when her dad comes in and grounds her for playing with a "filthy, evil mouse" note  and making her cry.
      • And then back again to Heartwarming when after said dad leaves, the mouse comes out and shares the cheese she just brought with her. Cathy's tears stop when she looks at the cheese and after the first bite she smiles again.
  • Lusta (Lazy) Dick just got lost in the Amazon and was picked up by vampire bats who, while friendly, make no secret they want to suck his blood and kill him. He asks to be allowed to play his trumpet one last time, to which the bats happily oblige. What happens shortly after he starts playing? Many of the vampires join in with their various instruments, creating an impromptu concert, at the end of which the boss is in tears and declares they will have canned blood yet again because it would be too sad to have such a talented young lad killed.