Funny / Cat Ballou

  • Pretty much anytime Lee Marvin and his horse are on the screen. Accepting his Oscar for the role, Marvin gave appropriate credit to the latter.
  • After Kid Shelleen arrives, the heroes draw a bullseye, pin it to a barn, and have Shelleen try to hit it. A few seconds later, the DT-afflicted Kid shoots...
    Clay: He did it! He missed the barn!
    • Put a few drinks in him, however, he not only hits the target and a bunch of cans set up on the fence, but keeps the last can in the air through multiple shots. He polishes off the bottle, throws it up, draws his gun, accidentally pulls his pants down, extracts the gun, looks up...
      Shelleen: Where'd it go?!
  • The best use of the Happy Birthday song ever, during a wake. Kid Shelleen even blows out the candles.