Funny: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

TV Special

  • The downhill sled ride to Whoville at the beginning.
    • Special mention to a brief shot where the sled hits a loop-de-loop that winds up bringing Max and the Grinch face-to-face. Max grins sheepishly and waves, while the Grinch fixes him with a Death Glare, before abruptly realising they're about to fall and grabs onto the Grinch as tightly as he can manage.
  • If you can listen to one verse of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" without at least cracking a smile, you must have garlic in your soul.
  • All of the interaction between the Grinch and Max. All of it.
    • Especially when the Grinch whistles to start the trip - Max leaps, mid-whistle, like a flying reindeer and excitedly gazes down at the town, eyes twinkling - cut to the Grinch and the best Aside Glance ever.
  • Most of the visual gags during "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", especially when the Grinch rounds up a bunch of globe ornaments by playing pool with them.
  • When Max waves before everything goes tumbling down.


  • The Grinch hating everyone in Whoville in alphabetical order.
    The Grinch: Hate, hate, hate. Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. (sees one name in the phonebook) LOATHE ENTIRELY!
  • Crash-testing the Grinch's sled, especially afterward:
    The Grinch: (spending several moments staggering away from what's left of his sled) Airbag's a little slow...(Air bags deploy)...but that's what these tests are for!
  • When the Grinch is debating on whether or not to go to the Whovilation:
    The Grinch: The nerve of those Whos. Inviting me down there - on such short notice! Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn't allow it. 4:00, wallow in self pity; 4:30, stare into the abyss; 5:00, solve world hunger, tell no one; 5:30, jazzercize; 6:30, dinner with me - I can't cancel that again; 7:00, wrestle with my self-loathing... I'm booked. Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9, I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness. (Beat) But what would I wear?
    • Made even funnier by the fact Jim Carrey improvised this whole bit.
  • The Grinch arguing with his own echo:
    The Grinch: I tell you Max, I don't know why I ever leave this place. I've got all the company I need right here. (shouts) Hello?
    Echo: Hello, hello, hello...?
    The Grinch: How are you?
    Echo: How are you... how are you... how are you...?
    The Grinch: I asked you first.
    Echo: I asked you first... first... first...
    The Grinch: Oh right, that's REALLY mature, saying exactly what I say.
    Echo: ...Saying exactly what I say... what I say... what I say...
    The Grinch: I'm an idiot!
    Echo: You're an idiot... an idiot... in idiot...!
    The Grinch: (whispering) Alright fine! I'm not talking to you anymore! In fact, I'm going to whisper! So that by the time my voice reverbarates off the walls, and gets back to me, I won't be able to hear it.
    Echo: You're an idiot... an idiot... an idiot!
  • The Grinch's answering machine:
    The Grinch's voice: If you utter so much as one syllable, I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!! If you'd like to fax me, press the "star" key.
  • How about when he gets a wake up call by singing the Whobilation song?
    • His efforts to drown them out are even more hilarious. "Play, monkey! PLAY!"
      • And then when Cindy comes in, she discovers him bending over, allowing the monkey to bang his head with the cymbals again and again.
  • And the bit where he's designing an outfit for the Whobilation; he goes to the kitchen and yanks the tablecloth from underneath a pile of metal junk, leaving the pile in place as he leaves. Then he rushes back in and knocks the pile off anyway.
  • "It's not a dress, it's a kilt! Sicko!"
    • And what's under the kilt when he rips it off? A garter.
  • "I'm speaking in RHYME!!!"
    The Grinch: Why, for year after year I've put up with it now. I must stop this Christmas from coming... but how? (Realizes what he just did.) I MEAN... in what way?
    • Once the sled becomes stabilized:
    Grinch: (exhaling; calmly) Almost...lost my cool back there.
  • The opening scene where he knocks people over with a marble and wreaks havoc on Whoville. He does stuff like go into the post office and switching and throwing letters into peoples' mailboxes, mostly notices for "jury duty" but you can also hear "blackmail", "pinkslip", "chain letter", and "eviction notice".
  • The theatrics that the Grinch resorts to as he's trying to scare Cindy Lou Who out of his cave are hilarious. Also, they don't work.
    The Grinch jumps off-screen, and then back in wearing a white T-shirt, which he begins ripping apart while screaming.
    • And then there's these lines after his theatrics fail:
    Cindy Lou: Um, maybe you need a time out. *cut to the Grinch having a rather priceless look on his face and Cindy giggles, before Grinch turns to the audience*
  • The scene when they sled out of control down Mt. Crumpit, fully detailed on the Heartwarming page.
  • "It's because I'm green, isn't it!?"
  • As the Holiday Cheermeister, the Grinch is being force fed pudding and fudge when:
    Einstein-like character: "This is not pudding."
    Grinch: (Spit Take) "What is it?!"
  • After receiving a razor as a Christmas present from the mayor the Grinch goes on a rampage and Hilarity Ensues.
  • His stealing of Christmas scene is very funny too, like when he saws around a tree then pops up after it falls:
    The Grinch: Clearance sale, everything must go.
    • Then when he makes the mayor kiss Max's rear end.
  • Hello Martha.
  • The Grinch's insistence that Cindy Lou mentioned a check when he shows up to be named Holiday Cheermeister.
  • When the Grinch moves to sit down on a tiny car, you briefly see a point of view from the unfortunate passengers. Namely the Grinch's bum.
    • When he crashes the car and notices the gas leaking. Despite it being a tiny car and how ridiculous it looks at him running away Demolition Man style, the car bursts into a spectacular fiery explosion.
  • Grinch's response to Cindy asking what Christmas is all about.
    Cindy: Santa, what's Christmas really about?
    Grinch: *Pops his head out of the stolen Christmas tree* VENGEANCE!!
    *Cindy recoils back*
    Grinch: *after realizing what he said* Er, I mean..... presents, I suppose.
  • The whole scene with Grinch raiding the Lou Who house, from his entrance to the stealing of the tree.
    • After Grinch makes his way through the chimney, we get this:
    Narrator: Then he stuck his head out of the fire place flue.
    Grinch: *shushes the narrator* A little more stealth, please.
    Narrator: *Whispering* Where all the little Who stockings all hung in a row.
    • When the Grinch makes his way to the fridge.
    Narrator: Then he slunk to the ice box.
    Grinch: *Makes his way to the fridge* Slunk? *Opens it and smiles in glee*
    Narrator: He eyed the Whos' feast. He took the Who pudding *Grinch throws out something from the fridge* He took the roast beast.
    Grinch: *Is in football hike position and throws the food* HIKE!!!
    Narrator: *As Grinch is cleaning out their fridge sloppily* He cleaned out their icebox as quick as a flash. Why, that Grinch, he even took their last can of Who-Hash. *Grinch slides over to a cabinet and opens it*
  • The scene where Grinch's heart begins to grow. While the scene is a mix of heartwarming/tearjerking, there's this bit:
    Grinch: *As he is in pain* Max! Help me! I'm....feeling!!!
  • Detailing the backstory of the Grinch and his Unstoppable Rage as a child...
    The Mayor: The anger!
    Mayor's aide: The fury!
    Martha: The muscles!
  • During the Grinch's rampage, he burns the Christmas tree. Cut to Martha Whovier's reaction.
    Martha: ("dazed") Oh wow.