Funny / Catch Me If You Can

  • The feds are at Frank's mother's house, and she's set out a nice French dessert and coffee. While discussing her son with Hanratty, Amdursky keeps trying to surreptitiously reach across and grab a fork. Hanratty eventually gets fed up, grabs a fork, and hands it to him points first.
    • When Frank's mother finds out Frank may have stolen money, she breaks out her checkbook.
    Mrs. Abagnale: Just tell me how much he owes and I'll pay you back.
    Hanratty (halfway out the door): So far, it's about 1.3 million dollars.
  • After getting ribbed for being too serious, Hanratty tells a joke.
    Carl Hanratty: Well, would you like to hear me tell a joke?
    Earl Amdursky: Yeah. Yeah, we'd love to hear a joke from you.
    Carl Hanratty: Knock knock.
    Earl Amdursky: Who's there?
    Carl Hanratty: {beat} Go fuck yourselves.
  • Frank paying a model/call girl with a phony check, and getting cash in return.
  • The "two mice" Running Gag, although by the last time we hear the start of that fable it's veering into Tear Jerker mode.
  • Frank pulling his first duty as a lawyer in Louisiana, riffing off a courtroom scene he lifted from a Perry Mason episode:
    Judge: Mr. Conners, this is a preliminary hearing. There is no defendant (waves to empty table). There is no jury (waves to empty jury box). It's just me. (beat) Son... what in the HELL is wrong with you?
  • Frank telling his fiance Brenda the truth:
    Brenda (in tears): Frank? You're not a Lutheran?
  • The sheer audacity of Frank getting through Miami airport with Hanratty covering every inch of it with cops: by hiring the prettiest girls he could find under the scam of a stewardess program and walking them in costume past all the guards. It's a Moment of Awesome, and also funny as hell.
  • "Do you concur?"
    • For anyone who works in healthcare the way Frank takes the sterile gauze and holds it to his mouth while he thinks is an hilariously wonderful nod to how little he actually does know about medicine (not to mention hygiene). The fact that nobody seems to react and nobody remarks upon it just makes it all the more funny.