Funny: The Angry Video Game Nerd

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  • The priceless look on his face in the AVGN movie quote of the week about Pokémon.
    Nerd: *blinks* The movie quote of the week is... *cracking up* "What the fuck is this?!"
  • This outtakes video. Seeing the Nerd go through his famous ASS! scene in different pitches is hysterical.
    • Speaking of outtakes: James cracking up at Mike Matei (as the Cowardly Lion) saying "Wicked Witch of the Ass".
    • In the Batman video, an unused line:
    Joker: Ohhh Nerd, you're on the floor, poor little baby! I oughta piss on you while you're down there, you little piece of shit!
  • Four words: Ninja Baseball Bat Man.
    • Say it with me: "Magic Electric Vulture Jack O'Lantern Grim Reaper".
  • The Nerd's affinity for boxes gets lampshaded in the first AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic video and the trailer for The Movie.
    NC: "Who keeps piles of boxes around?! Honestly!!"
    General Dark Onward: "What are all these fucking boxes doing here?!"
  • The third Mailbag episode has a poorly-written e-mail, containing gems such as referring to Mike Matei as "Mike Matinee" and a line about "see futures in balls". James tries to contain his laughter, but once he gets to the infamous line "live like a windrammer as you fuck", he completely loses it, red as a beet and barely able to continue reading.
  • His review of Ricky 1 had some good moments:
    • "His catch phrase is "don't be negative". I don't get it; when does Rocky ever say that? Maybe it's a take-off on "absolutely". Rocky says "absolutely", which means positive, which is the opposite of negative, so he says "Don't be negative"... whatever."
    • Mimicking Ricky:
    Ricky: Hey come on, I can't beat the champ.
    Trainer: Why not?
    Ricky: 'Cause he's the champ!
    Nerd: (mumbling) Can't beat the champ 'cause he's the champ.
    • "By the way, Hitler makes a cameo. Why? I have no idea."
    • Pointing out some Fridge Logic with one of the gags in the film: "Wow. An exploding doormat to keep burglars out!... I always thought burglars came in through the window. And what if it was a neighbor, or a mailman or something?!"
    • What closes the review: "All I have to say to you, Nostalgia Critic, is fuck this movie, and fuck you for making me watch it!"