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  • The priceless look on his face in the AVGN movie quote of the week about Pokémon.
    Nerd: *blinks* The movie quote of the week is... *cracking up* "What the fuck is this?!"
  • This outtakes video. Seeing the Nerd go through his famous ASS! scene in different pitches is hysterical.
    • Speaking of outtakes: James cracking up at Mike Matei (as the Cowardly Lion) saying "Wicked Witch of the Ass".
    • In the Batman video, an unused line:
    Joker: Ohhh Nerd, you're on the floor, poor little baby! I oughta piss on you while you're down there, you little piece of shit!
    Ninja Master: Before you leap, you must look!
    Nerd: (dies) I LOOKED! I LOOKED!
    Ninja Master: Before you look, you must think!
    Nerd: (dies again) ARGH!
    Ninja Master: Before you think, you must feel!
    Nerd: (dies once more) FUCK!
    Ninja Master: Before you FUCK, you must...use...proper protection...
  • Four words: Ninja Baseball Bat Man.
    • Say it with me: "Magic Electric Vulture Jack O'Lantern Grim Reaper".
  • The Nerd's affinity for boxes gets lampshaded in the first AVGN vs The Nostalgia Critic video and the trailer for The Movie.
    NC: "Who keeps piles of boxes around?! Honestly!!"
    General Dark Onward: "What are all these fucking boxes doing here?!"
  • The third Mailbag episode has a poorly-written e-mail, containing gems such as referring to Mike Matei as "Mike Matinee" and a line about "see futures in balls". James tries to contain his laughter, but once he gets to the infamous line "live like a windrammer as you fuck", he completely loses it, red as a beet and barely able to continue reading.
  • His review of Ricky 1 had some good moments:
    • "His catch phrase is "don't be negative". I don't get it; when does Rocky ever say that? Maybe it's a take-off on "absolutely". Yeah, Rocky says "absolutely", which means positive, which is the opposite of negative, so he says not to be negative because he's positive... whatever."
    • Mimicking Ricky:
    Ricky: Hey come on, I can't beat the champ.
    Trainer: Why not?
    Ricky: 'Cause he's the champ!
    Nerd: (mumbling) Can't beat the champ 'cause he's the champ.
    • "By the way, Hitler makes a cameo. Why? I have no idea."
    • Pointing out some Fridge Logic with one of the gags in the film: "Wow. An exploding doormat to keep burglars out!... I always thought burglars came in through the window. And what if it was a neighbor, or a mailman or something?!"
    • What closes the review: "All I have to say to you, Nostalgia Critic, is fuck this movie, and fuck you for making me watch it!"
  • The Nerd did a special Video Game Vault review of DuckTales. Three funny bits:
    • Calling Scrooge McDuck a "rich fuck".
    • Pointing out how Scrooge is rich so he can do whatever the fuck he wants, including invading a country to steal their valuables.
    • Thinking Huey, Dewey, and Louie died after their mine cart fell down the pit in the African Mines level; Scrooge sacrified his own nephews to acquire more riches!
  • "Top 20 AVGN Rants" is a glorified Clip Show, but it has a funny opening where the Nerd plays a bunch of bad games in short order, and shouts "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk...." Then his TV explodes.
  • The running Gag of using his Commodore 64 as his main computer, to the point of sticking the CD of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing into the C64's floppy drive.
  • The Nerd's appearance in Episode 25 of Board James, taking continuous potshots at board games based on video games. Also, The Reveal that Board James and the Nerd are one and the same.
  • James made a fake movie trailer for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that starts off like your every day movie adaptation of the novel. About one minute and twenty seconds in, the references to the video game kick in, complete with music.
    Pub Owner: I won't rest until every man, woman, child and insect is after 'im!