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Funny: Shadowrun Returns

Dead Man's Switch

  • When you get caught by McKlusky when sneaking out of Telestrian Industries.
    "Why McKlusky. It's a fine day for police corruption isn't it?"
  • The text for Jake Armitage's Steam Trading Card, rife with in-jokes.
  • Instead of playing the proper tune on the piano to open the secret door... the player can instead play "Chopsticks," causing the janitor to give him an unamused stare.


  • When talking to Dietrich about his past in a band, you can ask him if he can sing. His response?
    Dietrich: I was the front man for a punk band, boss... Fuck no, I can't sing.
  • When you meet up with Eiger after the Big Bad forces attempted to ambush you on the subway.
    Player character: Eiger, you're covered in blood!
    Eiger: Not mine. Bastard caught me as I was reloading. Had to bite out his throat.
  • Late in the game Blitz reveals that Dante, a hell hound, humped his leg.
  • At one point in the job where you retrieve the MKVI, you have to search the desk a secretary who's screwing her boss. In addition to the passcode you need to proceed, your character learns at least three new euphemisms for "sex in the maintenance closet".
  • During the penultimate mission, one of the local gang leaders accosts you, demanding your help in exchange for his giving you a part needed to get into the basement. He'll ask why you need to get in there anyway, and after the obligatory You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You exchange, you have the option to tell him the truth: you're trying to find the remote killswitch to an honest-to-god AI so that you can rescue a scientist that's supposed to be long dead from a Great Dragon that's also supposed to be long dead. You're right: he doesn't believe you.
  • After the final mission, you can speak to Aljernon in the street outside his magic shop. After spending the entire campaign putting up with his cryptic speech, you finally get this exchange:
    Player character: Do you two ever speak plainly?
    Aljernon: No.
  • In one of the new missions of Director's Cut, you can help out an insane scientist, who later helps you by blaring a cheesy fantasy TV show on loudspeakers, while summoning drones to help you against some corporate goons.
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