Trivia / Shadowrun Returns

  • Big Name Fan: Notable Kickstarter contributors include NFL punter Chris Kluwe (of whom Mr. Kluwe's design is based off of) and Felicia Day (who in turn was used in the design of Eos).
  • Follow the Leader: A downplayed example, in that Harebrained Schemes makes it a design philosophy to borrow mechanics from other games, provided that they understand why those mechanics work and that they can serve to make their current project better for it. For example, the combat mechanics are shamelessly lifted off of games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which have been shown to work well on computers as opposed to a more direct adaptation of combat mechanics designed for Tabletop Games with dice.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Microsoft still owns the Shadowrun intellectual property as part of their acquisition of FASA. Jordan Weisman was able to get permission to make a new Shadowrun game with the license, but that license only extended to making a game for personal computers and mobile devices, which means that a dedicated video game console version of Shadowrun Returns is legally impossible. Part of the deal to let the game be made at all involved Microsoft retaining the exclusive rights to make console games with the Shadowrun setting.
  • What Could Have Been: Is0bel was originally envisioned as a sniper on the Kickstarter page. In the final product, her weapons of choice are a machine pistol and Grenade Launcher.