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Awesome: Shadowrun Returns
  • The end of the Dragonfall campaign. Finally ending it all after days of sweat, blood, and tears.
  • Eiger ripping out the throat of a man who caught her while reloading. With her tusks!
  • The whole crew kicks all sorts of ass during the attack on the Kreuzbasar. They've been caught flat-footed and they're all divided across town, separated between large groups of heavily-armed mercenaries. They still manage to band together, kill every hostile down to the last man, and defuse all the bombs set to blow up in the sewers. It's a rare moment of genuine heroism from the shadowrunners where they save hundreds of innocent lives, and you get to control all of the original crew at the same time (including Dante, who just Took a Level in Badass).
  • Wiping out the Humanis camp and preventing them from carrying out their False Flag Operation.
  • One mission has you storming the research center of one of the major corporations, killing their researchers, freeing some prisoners, and setting the entire building to explode. It's a hard as hell mission that required a lot of prep work but you will be on top of the world when that building goes up in smoke. The fat paycheck that comes with it is a nice touch too. Double points if you manage to get to the lab without tripping the alarm.
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