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Building on the letter "F", five letters...

No personal examples. Let's keep it to ones from the TV series.
  • December 25, 1984: The show's first Christmas episode had this exchange.
    Chuck Woolery: Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?
    Contestant: Uh, no, considering I'm Jewish.
    Chuck [after several seconds of laughter]: Well, what did you get for Hanukkah?
    Contestant: Nothing yet, it's not that time of the year yet, Chuck. note 
  • 1985: For a brief period, the rules were amended so that the contestants had to spell the words instead of saying them, with each blank letter filled adding to a pot which the contestant won for spelling the word correctly. It was removed following a game where it took more than seven turns for two contestants to spell "mosquitos" correctly.
    Chuck: I'm going home; I don't know about you!
  • The start of a game presented □□□O□□□□ with the clue "Guys with short ones often have problems." The audience, obviously inventing their own jokes, started laughing. The laughter got even louder as the contestant drew tiles and the letters "S" and "M" popped up.
  • "Dolly Parton has a big one." And the board reveals □□□□TIT□.
  • A female contestant has to choose between "P" and "P". Her response? "I think I'll have to take a 'P'."
    • This line was revisited during the 1993 version:
      Contestant Peter: (with an N and a P to choose from) I'll Take the P, please. Place the P, please.
      Chuck: OK, all right. Hold everything, hold everything right here! Did they tell you, when you had all the meetings about how the play the game, say "Never say, 'I'll take a P, Chuck'"? Always say "I'll place the P." Is that right?
      Peter: They told me.
      Chuck: I just knew it! Oh, yeah. OK. Now, you took a P in spite of them, didn't you?
  • During one episode, Chuck said, "We're going to recrap the scores."
  • 1993: During a Speedword with the clue "an underworld boss", one contestant rang in and said "devil", which was wrong (it was "demon"). His parting gift? A Dirt Devil vacuum. Even Charlie Tuna couldn't help laughing when he announced that.
  • During the show's second Game Show Hosts Week, one game had Wink Martindale playing against Vicki Lawrence. This game had one particularly funny puzzle:
    • The first moment of hilarity comes with the clue itself:
      Chuck: Building on the E in CELEBRATE, six letters in the word (□□□□E□), and the clue is "Women..." [to producers] Oh, come on, you guys. Why do you do this to me? Why? "Women usually put the seat down when they go there."
      (audience laughs)
      Vicki: Oh, please! This show is disgusting!
      Wink: What's the clue again, Chuck?
      Chuck: "Women usually put the seat down when they go there."
      Wink: I knew it; I just wanted to hear you say it again.
      Vicki: Yeah, and guys always forget to put it back down!
    • The next moment comes after Wink draws his two tiles — an I and an O. He plays the O first, which conveniently pops into the second position, leading to an all-too-predictable outcome.
      Wink: I can't believe it's really... it wouldn't be that, would it?
      Chuck: No, it wouldn't. [laughs]
    (The solution to this puzzle: MOVIES)
  • For the clue "Kids sometimes hear their parents doing it" (□□□□□N□), the male contestant loses control of the word after playing a C. The female contestant receives the word as (□□ORIN□), but after playing an S, she seems too embarrassed to attempt to answer. After the puzzle is solved by her opponent (SNORING), she whispers her answer — SCORING — to Chuck. Unfortunately for her, her microphone picks up what she whispers into Chuck's ear, and the audience breaks out in laughter.
  • At the end of one game, Chuck accidentally gives $1,000 to the departing contestant.
  • Another one from the 1993 version: "Fathers say it's too soon when their sons ask what it means." When the word reads □REMA□□□□, one contestant picks up a pair of letters that prompts Chuck to take a jab at writing staff. (The answer: PREMATURE)
    Chuck: "A P or a U. Kinda like how this puzzle smells, isn't it?" [audience laughter] "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have said that, but this is one of those things you just can't resist!"
    • Same episode, next word: "Chances are Queen Elizabeth has never set foot in them." (Answer: REEBOKS). After this puzzle is solved, Chuck has this exchange with the producer:
      Chuck: I happen to know that Reebok is a British company, and I also happen to know that she runs every morning.
      Producer: But she wears Nikes.
      Chuck: No, she doesn't wear Nikes.