Funny / Rio

  • Pedro and Nico matchmaking between Blu and Jewel, and giving tips to Blu when they first appear.
  • Nico's nonverbal snark, making a slide-whistle-crash sound effect when Jewel ends up having to save Blu from choking on a flower petal.
  • Rafael taking care of 17 children (plus one on the way) never gets old.
  • Rafael coaxing his mate to sing with him. Pure gold on Blu and Jewel's faces when she sang... badly.
  • Most of the time Blu and Jewel are together. (first introduction takes the cake)
    Jewel: Stop twitching!
    Blu: But it's the twitching that sells it...
    • The spider.
    Blu: Is that a spider on my back?!
    Jewel: Will you quit it?! It's just a leaf! Turn around!
    (Blu turns to reveal a huge leaf spider on his back)
    Jewel: Uh.... (*flick*) Leaf! Told ya.
    • Blu trying to kiss Jewel. Their faces -oh gawd, their faces- were hilarious. Gold.
  • Tulio failing to ride a motorbike. Followed by Linda cruising effortlessly through the streets of Rio on said motorbike.
    • Their performance to get past the guard at the parade.
    • Tulio's face right after he says: "Act naturally."
    • Tulio sliding into the large prop mirror in a Macaw costume.
  • Linda and Blu's morning routine.
  • Fernando trading Tulio's jeep for a motorcycle.
    • "It's in great condition!" (hit a car, the rear mirror gone) "Well, good condition!"
    • ...and of course, how Linda and Tulio look after the motorcycle ride.
  • Horrified Linda: "NOOO!! We don't shake our tooshies in Minnesota!!"
  • This exchange:
    Tulio: "No, no, Linda...Linda, please! This is not your fault."
    Linda: *sniffles* "You're right. It's not my's YOUR fault!" *points accusingly at Tulio and has him backing away* "With your little bird talk, and that whole [mocks his accent] save the species!"
  • Marcel hiding in embarrassment as the crowd boos and hisses at their float.
  • Every sound Tulio makes that isn't a word.
    • His weird squawking right in front of the float's muffler.
  • Linda: I am looking for a bluebird...b-birdo?
    • Which of course is followed by her ending up on the float, causing a famous scene above: See Horrified Linda, above.
  • Jewel's initial reaction to the appearance of the toucan babies
    Jewel: Be careful Blu! Dey might snuggle you to def!
    • And then of course the toucans attack, and that's just as funny.
  • Over the past few minutes, Blu has panicked when trying to fly and fallen off a mountain with Jewel, just barely landing on a hang glider. Getting too excited by the flying, he spread his wings and sent them falling down onto another hang glider, which gets torn; they land on a beach, get bounced around on a beach ball, crash into a tree and almost get hit by bicycles and cars. When Blu finally gets onto the flatbed of a truck, he has this to say:
    Blu: I would like to go five minutes without almost getting killed. Is that too much to ask?
    Jewel: For a bird who can't fly? Oh, yeah.
  • To Linda and Tulio's eyes, playing Lionel Richie helped Blu immediately hit it off with Jewel. In actuality, she was trying to strangle him.
    Linda: Wow— that was fast!
    Tulio: Lionel Richie— works every time.
  • Nigel crashing into the power box while chasing Blu and Jewel, blacking out the city and ruining the game. It was a hoot!
    • The spectators chanting "Yes!" right before Nigel crashes into the power box, leading into the blackout, which results in a Big "NO!" from the spectators.
  • Marcel's Kick the Dog moment can come off as this. When asked if they can keep Fernando, Marcel pauses for a moment before saying "No." and quickly slamming the door in Fernando's face.
  • A subtle item for repeat viewers: Pedro's entrance in the "Real in Rio" Reprise (ending song sung by the cast) is played as UNSCRIPTED. Look at Jewel in those moments, she is ending the song and then give Blue a "What the?" look when Pedro starts his riff.
  • During the Birds VS Monkeys fight, the chain gets yanked between Mauro's legs... he then spits out two jewels. Double the funny if you've seen Hot Shots! Part Deux.
  • During Nigel's Villain Song, he actually has to stop midsong to tell everyone else to shut up so he can sing.
    Nigel: It's just me.
    • "I poop on people and I blame it on seagulls!"
      • He proceeds to point to an actual seagull and whisper "it was him!"
  • Blu seeing his owner Linda, dressed up like his soon to be mate, Jewel. One could only wonder what exactly was going through his head at that point.