Awesome / Rio

  • "Birds vs. Monkeys!"
  • "You mess with my friends? you mess with me."
  • Blu freeing himself and all the other birds at the climax of the movie and then defeating Nigel. He manages to top himself by finally learning to fly and saving Jewel's life.
  • Pedro's kung-fu skills against the marmosets.
  • Linda effortlessly driving through Rio on a motorbike after Tulio's Epic Fail at trying to drive it.
    Linda: It's just like riding a snowmobile!
  • Nigel's "negotiation" with Mauro while being Faux Affably Evil the whole time. Especially the last part.
    Nigel: (Catches Mauro just inches from the ground) "All right, you've twisted my wing. Deal. Now then, anymore questions? No? Good. You will spread out and you will find these macaw's by the end of the day, or it's flying lessons for everyone!"
  • At Carnival, while riding on Luiz, Blu hears Linda calling for him. Turning Luiz around and bringing him to a full stop, Blu watches Linda for a moment as she tries to get off the float. Reuniting with Linda has been Blu's goal all along, and all he has to do is go to her. Then Pedro and Nico tell him they found Jewel on the chicken float. Blu hesitates for just a moment before turning around and, with a determined look on his face, saying, "Let's go get Jewel."