Heartwarming / Rio

  • Pictures of Linda and Blu's life together posted around her house.
  • Raphael with his children all around him.
    Jewel: Aww, precious, aren't they?
    • Also with his wife, even after her "singing." And also for a few seconds at the end, he and his family are in the tree, together.
  • The trolley scene, where the three set the romantic mood for Blu and Jewel. Even though there are funny parts scattered over it.
  • Pedro hugging the crying Nico.
    • ...and Tulio hugging the crying Linda.
    • Every time Linda hugged Blu.
  • Linda and Blu's daily routine that proves how much they've been through and how close they really are.
    • ...and their secret handshake.
  • It's not what you think up here, it's what you feel in here.
Blu: But I thought you loved Carnival.
Raphael: I do! But I love my family much more.
  • The final moments in and out of the plane:
    • Jewel: Hey, It's okay, we'll figure this out together, alright?
      • How often do you see the girl saying that to the guy? It makes the scene that much sweeter.
    • Blu: I'm not going to let you go! We're chained to each other birds, remember?
      • ...and the kiss and Blu's flight which follow.
    • Blu with his wing protectively around the hurt Jewel.
  • Linda and Tulio's frantic search for Blu, and their formed relationship.
    • The final hug shared by Linda, Tulio and Fernando.
    • The end and credits reveal that Tulio and Linda got married, adopted Fernando and now live in Brazil.
    • Tulio and Linda parasailing.
  • Linda: That's my big brave boy.
  • The Earn Your Happy Ending trope taken to it's logical conclusion: So beautiful is it now that Blu can dance with the other birds, but now in his children we can see him finally fly. Contrast that with the freezing bird afraid and family-less in the winter, and this troper actually was ready to cry tears of joy.
    • That description alone makes me want to join you.
      • Me too...
        • Tissues for everyone!