Funny / Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

  • When you get to Castle of Dreams in Ven's story, the poor kid gets stuck in the mouse trap that captured Gus in the movie!
    Ven: Somebody tell me how I got so SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!
  • Pretty much any scene involving Zack.
    Zack: Hey, how about one date?
    Aqua: Oh! You mean?... No.
  • Also, this:
    Ven: (to Hercules) I'll come back when you're a hero.
    Zack: Don't you mean when we'll both be heroes?
    Ven: So you mean never come back?
  • Ventus's visit to the Dwarf Woodlands has him play a minigame where he has to find the seven Dwarfsnote  due to them mistaking Ventus for a diamond thief. Each react towards Ventus approaching them according to their personalities, some of which border on funny - Happy runs away when his box's hit, Grumpy attempts to ram into Ventus before running away, Sneezy constantly sneezes, causing his hiding spot to leap everywhere, Sleepy sleeps within his hiding spot and doesn't even try to run away from Ventus when he approaches, Doc always runs away when approached and Bashful rides in a minecart instead of actually trying to hide.
  • "He said I should bring... two grownups." Even funnier in the Japanese version, where Ven says he was told to bring his parents.
    • His deadpan delivery in the dub didn't hurt.
    • The expression on his face is just priceless.
  • Terra spotting Mickey Mouse when he visits the Mysterious Tower to get Yen Sid's advice. Mickey runs out the door of the tower, grabs the Star Shard out and it sends him off to who knows where with him screaming the whole time. Terra just watches the Unusually Uninteresting Sight with a deadpan expression and then heads into the tower.
  • In Deep Space:
    Stitch: *indecipherable gibberish*
    Gantu: I'm just big boned!
  • Another one from early on:
    Terra: Oy, sometimes you are such a girl.
    Aqua: Hey, what do you mean, "sometimes"?
  • Vanitas' awesomeness rating just went up a notch.
    Ven: All right! What did you mean about Terra being a different person?
    Vanitas: Exactly what I said, idiot.
  • Hades' response to learning Terra's name: "Kinda earthy, but alright."
    • "What's this? "Favorite god"? Pfft, come on. "Hades.""
  • Phil messing up his numbers yet again ("I got two words for ya: Student. Teacher. Ratio."), followed by Ventus confusedly counting off the words on his fingers, just like the audience is probably doing. Doubles as a Shout-Out to the original movie.
  • The end of Terra's story in the Dwarf Woodlands. After refusing the Queen's order to bring her Snow White's heart and telling her off to her face, she forces him to fight the Spirit of the Magic Mirror. Terra beats it, escapes, pretty much threatens the Queen to make the Mirror answer his question ("Where is Master Xehanort?"), and when it gives him a vague and unhelpful answer, Terra leaves with one final bit of snark; "Thanks. You've been a big help."
  • The Break Time deck command. It involves you timing button pressing to heal continuously, but the Funny Moment is what the trio does for it. Breakdancing, baton-twirling, and vertical push-ups.
  • In Ven's story, he drops the Wooden Keyblade and Lea picks it up and gives it back to him and immediately pulls out his frisbees and says to fight him. Ven wins.
    • Isa berating Lea after his fight with Ven. It's mainly the way he says it!
      Isa: From where I stood, the only thing you drew was a big "L" on your forehead for 'Loser', 'Lame', 'Laughable'...
    • Just later, Lea mentions that he wants everyone he meets to remember him so he can live forever in their memories.
      Isa: I know I won't forget you. Believe me, I try all the time.
      Lea: (smugly) See? I'm immortal!
    • Considering Lea's nobody is a major Ensemble Darkhorse and his status as one has kept him from being killed off more than once, his strategy seems to be working on a meta level.
    • The last time we see Isa and Lea in-game, they're preparing to sneak into Ansem's castle. During the credits, they're shown being carried out by Aeleus while Lea struggles and Isa pouts before being tossed out the gates.
  • You can invoke one if you beat someone in silly ways. For example; beating That One Boss when you get them to charge into mines or putting the various bosses of each storyline to sleep in a notable aversion of Useless Useful Spells.
    • Defeating Iron Imprisoner IV with nothing but Sonic Impact would probably qualify a lot more if it wasn't the only way to defeat him.
  • Somewhere in the world, where humor lies extinct, one cat will supply moments of funny with his existence alone. That cat... is Captain Justice. "And that's 'justice' with a J."
    • Really, Pete is all around hilarious in this game. The best parts are his introductions, not just for how over the top they are, but because of the utterly blank expressions of his audience. They just have no idea.
    • Also hilarious when you consider how he became Maleficent's disciple. Minnie only placed him in that interdimensional prison cell as a time-out so he could cool his head. Maleficent found him there and assumed he MUST be a powerful and dangerous villain for being imprisoned there, not knowing he was little more than just a loudmouth troublemaker.
  • Ven's look when Peter Pan says that gold and doubloons are worthless.
  • In Aqua's part of the story at Castle of Dreams. After helping Jaq get the key to Cinderella, she watches Lady Tremaine from a distance. Just as the Duke is leaving, she suddenly grows right back to normal size and falls down the stairs. She also tries to stall for time by offering to try the slipper herself. It's pretty funny. Especially that Tremaine lampshades how awkward it is that Aqua BROKE INTO THEIR HOUSE!
    Aqua: WAHHHH!! (clunk)
    Anastasia: She's probably here to rob us!
    • Aqua trying on the slipper. While Aqua may or may not be an aversion to this trend, original characters in the Kingdom Hearts series seem to have really, REALLY huge feet, esspecially in comparison to dainty little Disney princesses.
    • A moment just before the above events that also manages to be mildly awesome, Aqua comes a crossed their house after following them home when she sensed the darkness within them. She then overhears them trying to deny the fact that Cinderella lives there. Her response? She mutters "darkness lives here" or something similar and then summons her Keyblade with the full intent of charging in and bashing them over the heads with it! Had Cinderella's Fairy Godmother hadn't intervened with a more sensible solution, she likely would have, too! It should be noted that, at that point, they had done nothing that implied they were anything but normal, albeit incredibly terrible people.
  • Terra's story. Neverland.
    Terra: Tell me more about this boy. What's his name?
    Hook: Peter Pan!
  • Goofy can't get Ventus's name right, calling him Venquist, Ventilate, Veggie before Donald yells at him to just call him Ven.
    • Though that last one can be somewhat Harsher in Hindsight, considering Ven ends the game comatose, i.e. a "vegetable."
  • The credits has a couple of funny scenes. One has Mickey pull out the star shard, only for Master Yen Sid to give an exasperated shrug. Especially makes sense when you realize the trouble using the star shard caused Yen Sid during the game, and also the fact that The Sorcerer's Apprentice is canon as of Dream Drop Distance, so it's far from the first time Yen Sid had to deal with Mickey's shenanigans.
  • That horrible, hilarious moment when you get yo' ass whooped on Command Board... by Winnie-the-Pooh
  • One of the more powerful Keyblades obtained, the Sweetstack, is this. It has a high attack and decent magic of 6 and 4 respectively, as well as a 100% Critical rate. It is only beaten by Void Gear in terms of strength and critical damage, No Name in magic and Ultima Weapon in both strength, magic and critical damage. The best part is that It looks like a stack of ice cream. Repeat, one of the most powerful Keyblades you can get in the game without having to beat some sort of super hard Bonus Boss is a stack of ice cream.
  • Olympus Coliseum. Zack asks Aqua out on a date, there's some awkward flames lighting up on her face, and Zack takes off before Hercules shows up. After a couple words about true heroes...
    Herc: I look at you and Zack, and I can tell there's something more.
  • Tinker Bell acting jealous around Aqua.
  • If you return to Never Land as Terra and talk to Peter Pan, he comments "Grownups can be real good at telling fibs. I'd be careful if I were you. You look like an easy guy to trick."
  • Though unintentional, there's something horribly funny about Ventus' reply to Vanitas regarding the former's attachment to his friends:
    Vanitas: It's always about your friends, isn't it?
    Ven: At least I have some!
    • Wow, Ven, wow. Spit takes were impossible to avoid the first time that came up. And then the fandom just ran with it.
  • When Braig is beaten by Terra and has his face all messed up, does he run away? No, he hops away like he's some kind of deranged kangaroo.