Funny / Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

  • "Bannon Custody Case":
    • "I'm taking the boys, Benton! And there's not a damn thing you can do about it! (storms out, but comes back in) Forgot my keys."
    • "I owe Dr. Quest very much big time." After saying it multiple times, Harvey cuts him off: "Drink your juice box."
    • "Avenger! My personal digital assistant! (quietly) Uh, how do you make a "T" again? Do you push it and leave it down, or...?"
    • Dr. Benton Quest on the stand:
    Harvey: Dr. Quest, tell us a little about your relationship?
    Dr. Quest: Well, Race and I met one night-
    Harvey: (gritting teeth) With your boys.
    Dr. Quest: Oh, heh, right!
    • The bartender giving the Quest boys scotch:
    Harvey: They're eleven.
    Bartender: Riiiiiight. (drops a couple cherries into their drinks)
  • Just about everything said by Phil Ken Sebben, but this conversation from "Shoyu Weenie" is probably the best, as Phil tries to get Harvey to do a "trust fall":
    Phil: Good. Now, close your eyes and fall back. I'm right behind you.
    (Harvey looks behind him to see the open window of his top-floor office, and Phil directly to the right.)
    Harvey: When I was in high school, we did a "trust fall" in aerobics class and dropped the first girl.
    Phil: That's it. Let me cradle you.
    Harvey: She landed flat on her back.
    Phil: Did you ever know're my hero?
    Harvey: And then everyone started laughing because she was fat.
    • And then Phil walks out the window.
      • "Hey lady, I need a yank." HA HA! Dislocation.
    • HA HA HA! Final episode stunt casting!
    • "S&Ls are unkillable! Ever see It's A Wonderful Life? Even that Bailey bastard couldn't screw it up!"
  • Peanut's explanation (in Japanese) that it's considered customary in American culture to blow something up once a business deal has concluded. And then he fires a bazooka at Phil, leading to the above-mentioned dislocation.
  • The episode "The Devlin Made Me Do It", through and through, comedy gold. Especially Devlin's constant crashes and amusing injuries.
    • Also of note, the And Knowing Is Half the Battle message on one of Devlin's tapes that Harvey was using for evidence is ruined by Deviln himself pointing out how riding without a helmet(the exact thing the PSA is trying to tell kids not to do) is cool, talking about using a condom and hitting on the his sister Sandy.... which leads to Harvey frantically trying to stop the tape while blocking the screen.
    • Devlin's how-to tapes, culminating with "How to Jump Over a Ravine On a Bicycle Comma Bobby".
    • Bobby, the kid who got injured imitating Devlin, has some really hilarious moments too due to the sheer amount of crap he's put through, such as his lawyer Freezoid accidently leaving him in the middle of the street while talking to Birdman, causing him to get hit by a truck, and Birdman tipping over Bobby's wheelchair because Peanut told him he saw Bobby moving so he must be faking his injuries.
    Harvey: I thought you said you saw him move?
    • Devlin constantly stuffing his face with various anti-pain pills. He's pretty loopy most of the time.
    Devlin: *stuffs a fistfull of pills into his mouth* I'M GONNA WIN!!
    • The original stunt that put Bobby in the hospital, he rode his bike down a playground slide while imagining Devlin doing a similar ramp stunt.
    *Devlin successfully completes his stunt*
    Audience: YAY!!!
    *Bobby crashes his bike right into a ravine*
    Playground Kids: YAY!!
    Fat kid: Loser!
    • Devlin keeps revving his motorbike engine while on the witness stand and cutting off Freezoid who's trying to question him*
    • Apparently Devlin and Phil are already aquinted. Unfortunatly Devlin doesnt have much of a long-term memory anymore.
    Phil By the way Birdman, you're fi- Ernie Devlin?!
    Devlin: Who?
    Phil: Its me, Phil! *Devlin stares* Ken! *stare* Seb! *stare* ...Ben *Devlin is now asleep* Phil...
    Harvey: I didnt know you knew eachother?
    Phil: Yeah yeah, from my time at the carnival
    Harvey: *whispering to Peanut* Bearded lady.
  • "Peanut Puberty" gives another great Phil moment during his obedience training with Doggie Daddy; one of the last scenes shown is Phil humping Doggie for no reason, while Doggie looks away disinterested. Complete with squeaking noises.
  • "SPF" in its entirety.
    Phil(With like 30 cigarettes stuffed in his mouth): WHO'S STRONGER, BIRDMAN?! THE ADDICTION OR YOU?! HA HA! Did that one go out? The one on the edge?
  • "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, and from this side only! The flight of a half-man, half-bird! Dinosaurs nuzzling their young in pastures where strip malls should be! Cookies on dowels... All those moments lost in time; gone, like eggs off a hooker's stomach. Time to die..." *janitor stuffs Phil clone into a woodchipper*
  • When Reducto has one of the members of Shoyu Weenie on the stand, she answers his question in a slow, breathy voice in Japanese. Pretty much every man in the courtroom turns to her with a shocked and/or aroused look on their faces and dropped jaws, including a guy carving a wood statue with a chainsaw and a clown making a balloon animal. It helps that the translation of what she was saying is roughly "My name is Seiko, I like that song, it's a pretty song."
    • A Shout-Out to "Je T'aime... moi non plus".
  • Birdgirl's secret identity revealed:
    Phil: Judy! You're Birdgirl?!
    Every single person in the crowd: YES!
  • The Teaser for "Shaggy Busted", where a (live-action) cop pulls over Shaggy and Scooby.
    • Peanut, to Daphne: "Oooh, sprechen sie sexy."
  • The live-action interrogation clip from "Death by Chocolate", where a pair of cops get aggressive at a man in a Boo-Boo costume.
  • In "SPF", Harvey gets paranoid of the sun and wears protective coverings, telling Peanut that the sun can kill him. Peanut responds by quoting a parody of the NRA slogan "People with suns kill people" whilst polishing a gun pointing right at him.
    • The cut to an old 1960s clip of Birdman receiving his powers from the sunlight, which delves into an orgasmic reaction.
    • Harvey complaining about Potamus parking his blimp/arc across two spaces, followed by him shouting "Hippo!" at Potamus, after which a sex doll pokes out of his trunk.
    • Harveys increasingly desperate addiction to tanning cream after he cuts himself off from sunlight ,and Peanut exploiting the crap out of him like a drug dealer, until the addiction finally reaches a point where Peanut tells him that he should probably slow down a little.
  • Mentok's battle with Shadow the Brain Thief in "Harvey's Civvy." During the trial, Mentok gets so fed up with Shado's ripoff of his power, that they veer off into a sort of wizard's duel, trying to out-do each other. This troper lost it when Mentok began making the stone-faced security guard do a Russian dance.
    Because I'm Mentok! The MILF Spu-*claps hand across mouth*
  • "Blackwatch Plaid," fullstop—the episode where Secret Squirrel is being sued for flashing. Half due to the hilarious use of the character Secret Squirrel, and half due to Phil Sebben's hidden camera footage showing Harvey and his co-workers in live action (including footage of live-action Harvey frolicking around Atlanta and the Turner Mansion's front lawn), and climaxing with the combination of these two plot lines.
  • Identity Theft: The Deadly Duplicator starts copying people in the courtroom. Once he makes 4 Mentoks, one of them shouts "Finally!" and they immediately form a barbershop quartet.
  • The entirety of "A Very Personal Injury", where Apache Chief has had a hot cup of coffee spilled on him after saving the Earth from an errant asteroid. In particular, the Running Gag where they tenderly discuss the nature of his injury, and how it's never made clear whether the issue is that he can no longer be large or that he can no longer be large. The Reveal that the waitress at the diner he was at is in fact a beautiful Indian Maiden leads immediately to him increasing in size abruptly, which only serves to confuse the matter further.
    • Its even better when everyone in the court room starts pointing at him when he grows.
  • Dr Reducto is a virtual fountain of these, especially him freaking out when he tries shrinking Grape Ape and Grape Ape just pumps himself back to normal size again.
    Reducto: *running around screaming* I HAVE MET THE UNSHRINKABLE!!
    • His reaction to meeting Inch High, Private Eye? Some kind of weird obsession due to Inch being "so perfectly miniature" that Reducto doesnt know if he should destroy him or love him.
    Reducto: I hate him! *Harvey slaps him* I love him! *slap* I hate him! *slap* I love him! *slap* I hate him AND love him!! *starts to tear up*
    • After encountering Atom Ant, Reducto goes insane, and tries to form an alliance with Inch to destroy him, because he's smaller than either of them. Inch, who doesnt have Reducto's bizarre obsession, doesnt really understand the problem.
  • Harvey being called to defend Mentok after Mentok is accused of imprisoning a genie centuries ago. Harvey is busy taking Avenger to the vet, so Mentok tells him to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mentok" about it.
    Harvey: Oh, I'm great at this game!
    Mentok: Rock, paper, scissors, Mentok. I win, get over here.
    Harvey: DAMNIT!
  • A minor one from the episode involving The Jetsons: After George boldly declares that he and his family come from the magnificent far-off year of 2002, Harvey glances at his calendar... which is for 2004.
    • And of course there's the Jetson family struggling to reach Birdman's desk without conveyor belts, and taking all day to crawl a few feet.
    • The reason the Jetsons are in the past? They want to sue the present day for causing global warming in the future. Turns out that the reason they all live on those poles is because of massive flooding.
    • Oh, and the real kicker - Harvey is actually George's ancestor. When Harvey takes this as a sign that he will finally get laid at some point, George just states that "there are other ways".
  • "The Dabba Don", while Fred Flintstone is on trial:
    Pterosaur: (on witness stand) The guy's a pig, a neanderthal.
    Fred Flintstone: You're DEAD to me, can opener!
    Harvey: AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Ew, Gleep juice! ...or is that Gloop?
    • Peanut keeps trying to suck up to Freddy, hoping to be accepted into the mob.
    • When Fred is found not guilty, everyone goes to the bar to celebrate:
    Thundarr: There he is! C'mere, you. (kisses Harvey on the mouth) Mwah! (kisses him a second time, deeper)
    Harvey: Wow, that's a man kiss.
    • The ending, which is a parody of the climax to The Godfather, which shows Mr Slade being forced to sign over the quarry, the bird can opener being assassinated, and Pebbles baptism.
  • The people from Hoot n Holler, the setting of the cartoon Ricochet Rabbit, keeps shooting into the air and yelling whenever anyone says the name of the town.