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YMMV: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
  • Crazy Awesome: Mentok.
    • Harvey actually being effective as a superhero in the last episode.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Whoooooo... is the man in the suuuuuit?
    • So awesome that it spawned a television show. Supposedly the only reason the show exists is because the creator improvised the theme song at some Williams Street party as a joke. They really liked it.
    • Also the musical interlude in Blackwatch Plaid.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Phil Ken Sabin and Reducto. Both voiced by Stephan Colbert
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why dies Harvey almost always loose his cases (aside from the Rule of Funny)? It's a combination of two factors: one, he's too noble and heroic to turn down any client in need, even when they are obviously guilty; and two, the judge is usually Mentok the MIND TAKER, who can't be deceived!
    • The hints of romance between Reducto and Inch High are never expanded one could say that they have the smallest, shortest, most perfectly miniature romance on the show!
    • Why is Inch High so responsive to Reducto's obsession with him, when most people would be creeped out by it? No one pays attention to the Inch High Private Eye, even his own lawyer! He's tickled pink to have any kind of attention.
    • Why is Phil subconsciously attracted to his daughter, and later his sister (or cousin) Phillis? He's an egomaniac. The person he's really in love with is himself.
    • Bird Girl may be more heroic and intelligent than Phil, but she still inherited a few traits from her dad: his over-dramatic reactions, and his obliviousness/denial about certain hard truths (she blows his sexist remark off as a joke, just as he blows off any hints of her being Bird Girl).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In Guitar Control, which aired around election season 2004, Phil runs for President of the United States. His voice actor, Stephen Colbert, would go on to do the same by the time the next election rolled around.
  • Ho Yay: "Wow, that's a man kiss..."
    • X and his friend, Zardo,
      • In "X Gets the Crest", Zardo is seen looking at X's ass twice. He also tends to drape his arms (arm and mace?) around X a lot in this episode. In fact, the whole episode might as well be called "X and Zardo share ho yay moments for roughly fifteen minutes".
      • Zardo is also caught staring at Harvey's rear end in the same episode.
      • X's obsession with Harvey borders on this on occasion.
    • In the episode "Juror In Court", Peter Potamus' copy of Kama Sutra for Dum-Dums shows Quick Draw Mc Graw and Baba Louie in the "cowgirl" position.
    • Reducto's obsession with the Inch High Detective is ultimately revealed to be this. ("I hate him!" Slap. "I love him." Slap. "I hate him AND love him!")
    • Harvey and Boo-Boo the Bear are often seen waking up together.
    • Peter Potamus has been caught under Phil's desk, with is head between Phil's legs, at least once.
    • Heck, basically all of the male characters are hinted to be bisexual at some point or another. Of course, with the show's style of humor, it's up for debate how much of this is just comical misunderstandings and how much is exactly what it looks like...
  • Memetic Mutation: Ha ha! ...Double Entendre.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Stephen Colbert; after retooling the show to focus on his characters and their exploits, the show fell apart when he bailed upon it and was quickly cancelled. He also holds the blame for the failure of the Harvey Birdman video game, which used the popular Phoenix Wright game engine. Most reviews of the game pretty much focused exclusively on his refusal to voice his characters and the piss poor replacement voices Capcom had to scramble to get to replace him, in attacking the game
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The game based on it is very much like Ace Attorney. Then again, they were both made by Capcom, so it makes sense. Kind of.
    • Parodied in another episode when Harvey points out how may cartoons followed the mold of Scooby-Doo, complete with barely altered characters.
  • Squick: Phil Ken Sebben lusting after Birdgirl. He is repeatedly told the truth but doesn't believe it. Near the end of the episode where he and Birdgirl are to be married he looks out over the crowd and decides "...there... might... have... been... someone... else... (he)... was... meant... to... be... with". Birdgirl's aunt Phyllis, Phil's sister!
    • Not to mention how Aunt Phyllis looks just like Phil with a blonde wig and very large boobs in a dress. Yes, the eyepatch and mustache too.
    • When he finally does understand who Birdgirl is (in the last episode) he is utterly disgusted and disappointed in her for trying to get in to his pants. Especially since he's helpless, with the one eye. his pants.
  • The Scrappy: Referenced with regard to the Trope Namer. When Scrappy dies, everyone laughs. Especially his "Uncle Scooby."

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