Funny / The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

  • Doctor Satan's rampage, set to The Benny Hill Show theme.
    • Which immediately goes through Mood Whiplash the moment he kills Santa Claus, cutting to an emergency news broadcast announcing Santa's death and that "Evil has won."
    • And the Funny Background Event with the elves flashing and flipping the bird is awesome sauce as well.

  • Suzy pointing out that the second Third Reich is really the Fourth Reich.
    Zombie Nazi Soldier: Technically, she IS correct.
    Zombie Nazi Captain: Wilhelm do me a favor okay yeah SHUT UP!
  • "You gonna leave Velvet Von Black?! Fine! Fuck you all, I GOTTA PRE-NUP! Half."
  • Why Did You Have To Rip Off Carrie?
    • "Since the movie started, this scene is the most retarded."
    • Bonus points for the inclusion of P.J. Soles' character from the 1976 movie laughing at Dr. Satan and getting sprayed with a hose.
  • Velvet Von Black's first appearance and theme song.
  • The entirety of Nazi Zombies but especially this line:
    She got away and everything is great—are you shit-ting me, here comes more of them!
    • Also: Sweet bleeding Christ, she fucking JUMPS the train!
  • Michael Myers trying to stab Beasto after the latter runs him over with his car.
  • During the catfight, the audience is assured that "it's alright to jerk off to cartoons, the Japanese do it everyday!"
    Beasto: Is it wrong that this is turning me on?!
  • Beasto saying "Thank you" after being called a dickhead.
  • The Schoolhouse Rock-inspired song that explains Dr. Satan's Evil Plan.