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Funny: The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
  • Doctor Satan's rampage, set to The Benny Hill Show theme.
    • Which immediately goes through Mood Whiplash the moment he kills Santa Claus, cutting to an emergency news broadcast announcing Santa's death.
  • Suzy pointing out that the second Third Reich is technically the Fourth Reich.
    Zombie Nazi Soldier: Technically, she IS correct.
    Zombie Nazi Captain: Wilhelm do me a favor okay yeah SHUT UP!
  • "You gonna leave Velvet Von Black?! Fine! Fuck you all, I GOTTA PRE-NUP! Half."
  • Why Did You Have To Rip Off Carrie?
  • Velvet Von Black's first appearance and theme song.
  • The entirety of Nazi Zombies but especially this line:
    She got away and everything is great—are you shit-ting me, here comes more of them!
  • Michael Myers trying to stab Beasto after the latter runs him over with his car.

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