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Funny / FaCe ThE StRaNgE

  • Dally and company commemorate Shadow's death with a viking wedding.
  • At one point the characters go to get cake from a golden shower
  • In a stunning example of Mundane Utility, Harry and Shadow (the baby, not the hedgehog) ride Thestrals through a McDonald's drive-through in chapter 15. As the Dramatic Reading by LRM Reading points out, it becomes even funnier when one remembers that Thestrals can only be seen by those who have witnessed someone else dying, so unless that's the case for the McDonald's staff, they would only see Harry and Shadow apparently floating in midair next to the pickup window.
  • Just every insane metaphor, and simile they use. For example...
    • Ron slapped Hermione like a puppy when he pees on the floor.
    • "Dally is popping out babies like the west nile virus."
    • ... Dumbledore and Mystique all tied up like hot pockets.
  • This passage.
  • The fact that Dumbledore apparently explodes when Dally headbutts him into his phoenix. He's fine later, though.
    • Draco's reaction makes it even funnier
    • FUCK WE LOST THEM" exclaimed Draco, "We have to get that basterd fired from Hogywarts"