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Funny: Digimon

The Franchise

  • And starting off this page, A word for the CD Dramas; they are mostly on youtube, translations may be elsewhere, but some of them are just soo funny. After frontier, many memorial CD dramas were released; one of them starred the characters from the first four seasons. The translation to it, as well as other cd dramas, is here.
  • Any variation of "Move! I'm trying to shoot!" generally comes out funny.
    Gallantmon: Beelzemon!
    Beelzemon: Huh?
    Gallantmon: You better get out of the way!
    • Lobomon: (to Agunimon) You trying to get shot?
  • The show was dubbed by Saban Entertainment, who also dubbed the widely-loved Gag Dub Samurai Pizza Cats. It's no wonder that some of the English jokes came off as clever and funny!
  • From the dub of Our War Game, Tai keeps trying to warn the other chosen about Infermon.
    Tai: I gotta warn everybody!
    Operator: All circuits are busy. Try again later.
    Tai: Oh great, it's busy. Mimi!
    Operator: All circuits are busy. Try again later.
    Tai: Come on, how can that be busy too!?
    Operator: All circuits are still busy.
    Tai: Don't tell me...
    Operator: DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME?!
    Tai: Whuh?
    Operator: IT'S BUSY!
    Tai: I'm sorry, lady...
  • The ending of the dub "Digimon The Movie", the reformed and restored Endigomon starts humming to the song playing in the background to express his happiness. And Willis just stands and watches him dumbfounded.
    Willis: He's tone deaf.

The Anime Series

The Games

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