Funny / Digimon Frontier

  • From episode 19, let's be honest, what's funnier than a bunch of digimon called Burgermon?
    • How about their children, TorikaraBallmon?note 
    • Two words: Burger. Competition. Just watching Takuya and Kouji go all out in making the "better" burger is hilarious, especially since Kouji steps out of character for this episode.
  • How about cute little Patamon calling Bokomon his PapaMa. Cute!
    • When Patamon hatched from his egg, Bokomon was a little too excited:
      Bokomon: He's...he's my little baby. Come to Mama!
      Everyone else: You want him to call you Mama?!
  • Ranamon is funny every time she has a temper tantrum. Such a little bitch, but you gotta love her for it.
  • Everything Mercurymon said in Episode 16 is comedy gold.
    • Calmaramon causing damages to their villain lair due to being unable to control her Beast Spirit.
      Mercurymon: Thou hath better master it, before thou destroys us all!
    • After Calmaramon (mostly) be able to control her Beast Spirit.
      Calmaramon: *laughs* Success! At last, I have mastered my beast spirit.
      Mercurymon: *groan* And only destroyed half the lair.
      Calmaramon: If I can do that to rock, think what I could do to those kids.
      Mercurymon: Thou maketh a good point. Now thou hath better make good with a broom.
  • The episode is one of two Wham Episodes in a row, but there's one moment where a few of the kids have an Imagine Spot where they have two Takuyas. The hypothetical situation turns out as ridiculous as expected.
    • And in another episode, Takuya has an Imagine Spot where they saved the digital world and returned home. While he's enjoying a date with Izumi/Zoe, Kouji's getting chased by Junpei/J.P. and Tomoki/Tommy who are trying to kiss him.
    Kouji: I helped save the Digital World, too! How come Takuya gets to go out on a date?!
  • Takuya's "brilliant" plan to move the moon.
    • Which serves as a reminder- despite their current state of being "Henshin Hero defenders of Another Dimension", they're still just kids.
    • Junpei/J.P. comes up with a plan of his own later, and it's not much of an improvement. Junpei/J.P. decides to use the cannon of his beast spirit form to fire Takuya at the planet. Even Takuya decides it was a stupid idea after taking part in it once.
  • Get the Biggest Fire!!, a CD drama that doubles as an eight-and-half minutes long Crowning Moment of Funny. Basically, Takuya and Kouji are tasked with singing the opening of the imaginary "Digimon Frontier Zero Two" and lots of Hilarity Ensues, mainly thanks to the band and the songwriter screwing around with them. And the fact that neither of the boys can sing.
  • IceDevimon done in the voice of Christopher Walken. It's as hilarious as you'd think.
  • In one episode, Takuya and Koji constantly battle the Royal Knights Dynasmon and Crusadermon. After throwing all sorts of elaborate attacks at each other for a multitude of episodes (This one being no different)... they all just start punching each other. It may have been added to the dub, but Crusadermon declaring, "hand to hand!" makes it all the more amusing.
  • Junpei/J.P. and Izumi/Zoe compete in an eating contest. Izumi wins.
  • When Junpei/J.P. gains the power to digivolve, he becomes way too happy. Cue him, in Blitzmon form, dancing like a kid.
  • After the boys walk in on Izumi/Zoe changing because they think she's in trouble and she chews them out, the boys forget she's in the room when they start changing back into normal clothes. She's noticeably flustered.