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Headscratchers: Digimon Frontier
  • Was any explanation given for why Takuya was transformed into a Flamemon in episode 22 where he briefly returns to the Real World?
    • I'm pretty sure it was the spirits acting up in the human world, but don't quote me on that.
  • Kind of a strange question, but how exactly do the Trailmon and Locomon exist in the same franchise, if not the same series/seasons/whatever? It's just a bit confusing that two Digimon (Locomon and Gran Locomon) have adapted for standard gauge rails from Earth and several others have specialized in a single, possibly gyroscope-balanced one rail system?
    • Trailmon is a champion level, and Locomon is an ultimate. It is very likely that Trailmon digivolves into Locomon.
    • Thing is, Trailmon uses one rail and Locomon uses two. A Trailmon and a Locomon could never use the same tracks.
  • This troper cannot fathom why everyone but Koji and Takuya simply spirit evolved against Icedevimon. He's eaten the data of all the Digimon Cherubimon collected and was so dangerous even the Celestial Digimon couldn't beat him, so why don't they at least Beast Spirit evolve?
    • He froze their D-Terminals.
      • The headscratcher wasn't "why aren't Koji and Takuya part of the fight" but "they just had serious trouble with Cherubimon that required unified spirit evolution to fight, yet this enemy is on the same kind of level and the other kids don't think they should use their most powerful forms straight away?". When the Royal Knights appear in the following episode again they only use the human spirits while Koji and Takuya do the smart thing and go straight for fusion evolution.
  • Is it just me, or were the Beast spirits kind of underused? I mean they go through all these issues about finding the spirits, then learning how to control them and then...they just seem to prefer using the Human spirits. Aren't the Beasts supposed to be more powerful? Jager Lowemon only had like three appearences in the entire show. Burning Greymon suffered to lesser extent too (I'm sure someone is going to claim that Takuya was traumatised by his failure to control the spirit the first time, but that's kind of weak when you consider that he seemed just fine the few times he did use Burning Greymon).
    • I always felt that they lost some control while in Beast form. No, the weren't usually animalistic like Burning Greymon but they were prone to overkill and were gruffer. For pure combat, they were excellent but they seemed to lack in utility more than the Human forms. Also, in my head, the power level of their Human forms, the most used, were equal to the the Beast forms, the most naturally strong, due to their experience.
    • It should be noted that while the Beast spirits are stronger in terms of raw power, the Human spirits still have the upper hand in terms of speed(or at least was stated so in a special chapter of Digimon V-Tamer 01)so any time they think they would need a little bit more of speed, Human spirits are prefferable.
      • I have to seriously question that, at least with a few of them. Burning Greymon and Velgemon can both fly whereas their Human forms cannot, which would mean that they are quite a bit slower. Also, Kendo Garurumon (and, If i'm not mistaken, Kaiser Leomon) has wheels on his feet and can go much faster than his human counterpart. And Zephyrmon is basically just a heavily upgraded Kazemon. Metal Kabutermon is however still clearly slower than his human form. Ranamon, Grumblemon, Arbormon, and Kumamon could go either way, and Sakkakumon has a completely different schtick entirely
  • Not an issue with the show itself but as far as I know we have still not had this shown in UK. I just found Savers/Data Squad has been showing on a channel called Kix (which has shown some shows such as Medabots last year). Why hasn't Frontier ever been shown in UK?
    • I remember many many years ago, before Fox Kids became Jetix over here in the UK they were running ads that suggested that Frontier would come to the channel soon. Heck, I even remember some of the "Coming up next: Digimon!" buffers containing dubbed FOOTAGE of Frontier (specifically the time Izumi punches/slaps Takuya early on in the series). So my theory was that they were going to, had made all the plans and even made the trailers/buffers... but either lost the rights to broadcast it or something similar happened behind the scenes that was never explained (or explained with a static shot, a voiceover and on-screen text at some ungodly hour of the morning/night once).
  • I find it weird how Koji never once had a negative opinion over his dad after realizing that he lied to him about his mom.
    • Kouji and Koichi's dad is really a douche when you think about it. First, when he divorces their mother, he leaves her raising Koichi all by herself, without offering any kind of financial support when her medical issues make it hard for her to work. The icing on the cake? He tells Koji that his mother is dead, as opposed to divorced and maybe would you like to visit her (and your long lost twin that I never told you about for some reason) on weekends?
    • Okay; I have a couple of points to make here. First we're never told that Ms. Kimura's medical issues were present when she married the twins' father. Since they broke contact after the divorce, he may have never known she was having financial or medical trouble. Second Koichi was told his father was dead and didn't know about his brother until his maternal grandmother decided to tell him when she was on her death bed. So...yeah; Mr. Minamoto made some bad choices but he's not the first Digimon parent to do things that turned out to be negative for his kid in the long run or to keep something a secret that shouldn't have been kept. He made some bad choices but that doesn't make him a bad person and it doesn't mean his son should hate him.
      • "Not a bad person?" I've only see the dub so if the Japanese version makes him more sympathetic than I'm missing something but seriously not telling your kid "YOUR MOTHER IS ALIVE ALONG WITH YOUR TWIN BROTHER" is very fucked up. Lying to Koji left him an emotional tramautized to the point he had trouble connecting with people; not just his mother but friends also. Also he denied Koji the oppertunity to know his maternal grandmother. Takuya and Tommy's parents went out of their way to either spoil or nurture their children correctly; they made sure they were happy and good people. Spoiling Tommy might not have been a bad choice because it made him a soft and co-dependant child but it's clear they still love him. And both Koji's parents are to blame for bad parenting; the choices they made tramautized both their sons, especially Koichi, who WAS LEFT SO EMOTIONALLY VALNURABLE he left darkness consume him! Koji's birth mother is weak but puts on a brave face. Dad? Koji's father tried to comfort his son about his biological mother and step-mother issues but Koji wouldn't hear it. His response: Can you at least be nice to her for my sake?" WTF, he could have pointed out how nice his new step mother is or something but it sounds like he's more concerned for himself. Maybe he's not a bad person but he's in the run for "worst dad" of the Digimon franchise.
      • Let me just point out here that in Japan, it is highly uncommon for children to see the other parent after a divorce. Usually divorce means total separation with no contact, and the kids are split up. They don't get visitation. So if you look at it in that light, it makes more sense. It's still not the best way to handle it, but if the kids think their parent is dead, they won't bug you about them anymore. It's a little more sympathetic in this light, especially because if it was a nasty divorce, maybe they don't want to think about each other anymore and that's hard to do with a kid constantly asking about it. Also, this is the same reason that Yamato and Takeru were separated - they were actual brothers, not half-brothers as the dub wants you to think, and their parents divorced and Yamato went with the dad while Takeru went with the mom. It's different when you see A. the actual story as it was originally envisioned and B. the culture in which the story was created, which in anime is generally Japanese.
    • In that light, yes it does make more sense, but as I said I've only seen the dub. And in the context of the dub he's a one-note plot device to explain the source of conflict and subplot between Koji and Koichi.
      • What bugs me about it is, how the hell did Koji not know Koichi existed? It's not like they were split at birth, the divorce happened far more recently.
      • Where did you hear that it happened 'recently'? It is clear that their parents divorced when they were babies, at most a few years old. If they were that young they would have had few memories of each other and their parents, and it is made clear that they remember nothing (which is why the revelation hits so hard). There are plenty of cases of twins that were separated as young children who do not recall having a twin.
    • What bothers me about Kouji's father claiming that his ex-wife was dead is that it just seems like a plain bad idea. It may be easy to keep Kouji himself under the impression that his biological mother is dead, and it may seem easier to avoid all involvement with his ex-wife if it were a particularly rocky divorce (especially when he's remarried), but Kouji's father risks a lot by holding up the facade: all that has to happen is for someone (in this case, Kouichi's grandmother) to tell Kouichi that Kouji exists and it's not hard to believe Kouichi would try to find his brother, especially if he has a lot of information on his father's family. Kouji's father had no guarantee, in fact, that his ex-wife wouldn't someday try to instigate contact again or that Kouichi wouldn't somehow find them, and his decision to pretend his ex-wife is dead to Kouji just feels like taking a huge risk of eventually having to be involved with something from that side of the family anyway and running into an awkward situation in which he has to reveal to Kouji that he's been lying to him his entire life (and it's not like he can claim that his ex-wife isn't his ex-wife if Kouichi is present because it's hard to explain why Kouichi and Kouji have the same face). Kouji's father is very lucky that nobody revealed Kouji's existence to Kouichi earlier, that nobody from his ex-wife's family made no attempt to re-establish contact for whatever reason, and that the twins found out about what had been hidden from them when they were old enough to know how to handle their situations.
  • Why the hell is it that the dubbed voice for Icedevimon sounds like Christopher Walken with a Brooklyn accent?
    • I don't know, but it's not the first time the dub has 'embellished' a character's voice in ways you couldn't predict from watching the source material alone (think Etemon from season one). I thought the accent gave him an eerie character, as if he was Obliviously Evil and therefore he killed things for little more than 'fun'.
    • It's too bad, because Michael Reisz's rendition of the character in Tamers was so freaking awesome with that smooth voice combined with the things he got to say. The Frontier version got the same kind of epic lines, so I wish we'd gotten to hear them in the old "please, take me here and now" voice instead of a silly one that totally de-Badass-ified the character. Especially with their normal use of homage casting - I mean, doesn't every Monster of the Week Meramon ever get the same VA?
  • Speaking of which, Kenta. Tamers Kenta's VA plays a major character in Frontier so it's not like they couldn't get the actor back. But Kenta gets a totally different-sounding VA for his one line here. This after letting Gallantmon speak with the combined voice of Takato and Guilmon and refer to himself as "we," really planting cross-dimensional Epileptic Trees.
  • The beast spirits of light, darkness, and wood look like beasts, as one would expect. The others, however, are anthropomorphic animals at best and humans with animal features at worst. The beast spirit of metal isn't even based on an animal. What gives?
    • Not an excuse, but if you look at the armor forms, they start off as the digimon in armor, but as they go on they get further and futher away from the concept till you can't even see Veemon in Baromon. The series is good at losing concepts unfortunately.
    • BurningGreymon looked like a dragon. Korikakumon is some yeti thing. Gigasmon is a moleman. Calmaramon is a giant squid. MetalKabuterimon was a beetle, although he looked more like a tank. Zephyrmon and Sakakkumon really dropped the ball, but they are exceptions.
    • BurningGreymon and Korikakumon were still anthropomorphic, though. If that's enough to be a beast spirit, then why is Kumamon a human spirit? Gigasmon looks more like some kind of ogre than any mole I've seen. Calmaramon's entire upper half is humanoid, being more of a mix than a full beast. MetalKabuterimon wasn't more beetle-like than Beetlemon, he was just more heavily armed.
    • Kumamon is more cutesy looking than Korrikakkumon.
      • Animals can be cutesy looking. It's not a human-specific thing.
    • For what it's worth, the true warriors (that is, the "Ancient" forms of the various spirits) had a much cleaner split between the two. Fire, Ice, Wood, Thunder, and Darkness are all much more animalistic, while Light, Wind, Steel, Water, and Earth are much closer to human. Most of them still have qualities of both animal and human, though.
      • Oddly enough, though, Fire and Ice's beast spirits are two of the anthropomorphic ones, and Light's is one of the actually beasty ones.
  • In this series when they meet a group of the same type of digimon there's normally an elder (who looks older, generally with a moustache) and sometimes a younger one who's inexplicably smaller. Since when do digimon age like that? (evolution seems to be treated differently too though so maybe its not following the evolution is like aging rule)
    • Who knows, Frontier is a pretty odd series, levels having pretty much no meaning, Digimon having genders, Digimon having children and the confusing human vs beast conflict described above. Let's just assume they age normally in this continuity and evolution is completely arbitrary.(That would explain why all the kids thought one classmate evolving was weird)
  • Our heroes can't beat Duskmon, the warrior of darkness. Why do none of them ever ponder that this might be because they keep trying to fight him at night? They have a whole twelve hours were he won't be in his element, why not use the wolf form to sniff him out during daylight hours or if they insist on fighting at nighttime, lure him into a forest and then set it ablaze with fire powers so he won't have any darkness to draw on?
    • Dusky's smarter than to come out during the day. He does go after them rather than vice versa pretty much every time.
      • Worse, they were on the Dark Continent, it's NEVER day time there, it's always dark and duskmon has been there the entire time he's been in the digital world. He's basically been sitting on a power up that stacks for months.
  • The events leading up to Susanoomon's appearance. So apparently the key to defeating Lucemon is "Combining light and darkness"... which they've already been doing for the past 12 episodes. (Both sets of Spirits being required to form MagnaGarurumon.) Then they go and challenge Lucemon, and everyone except Kouichi are severely injured by his Dead or Alive attack, and Bokomon comments that if they get hit again, they'll die. Then Kouichi gets hit by the attack and supposedly dies despite the anime having previously shown L÷wemon and KaiserLeomon to be by far the strongest of the Ten Warriors. Though before he disappears he gives his Spirits over to Kouji, which... for some reason almost kills him? He's been regularly handing his Spirits over to Kouji through the entire last arc! And then Takuya and Kouji combine to become Susanoomon. Okay, so... why was any of the stuff that led up to that evolution at all necessary?
    • Well, if you think about it, villains tend to use their most powerful attack to finish of the opponent, probably to make sure they don't come back alive. Why would Lucemon be any different? So he was using more power than usual for his last attack so as to completely obliterate them and make them suffer in agony, which was why Kouichi dies at the first hit, and also why he could do all that 'take my spirit' talk and stuff before being absorbed as data. As for Kouji, well, this is the first time he's handling another spirit which didn't choose him while in human form. It's very possible that his spirit was the control for the others during unity evolution. So he'd obviously have a extremely hard time controlling a spirit which wasn't chosen for him. Also, it's the opposite of his attribute, which is light. So they'd obviously be conflicting, and it might have been too hard for a human body/spirit/whatever to bear. And another thing: I'm pretty sure that they'd only started to act up after his death. So maybe all the time he was holding the spirits while in human form, Kouichi might have been holding back his spirits power.
    • As for the key to defeating the big bad, they'd obviously need to combine all the spirits together. They had trouble beating his two extremely powerful minions with the unity evolution! So they didn't have enough power to defeat their boss at the time. Also, they needed to learn how to control the spirits or something. Practise makes perfect, after all, and they clearly needed it.
    • As for the combo of Takuya and Kouji, I think they needed a mental boost for it. It wasn't really personal for them till Kouichi's death, where he basically tells them to save the world as his dying wish. That would pretty much make them have righteous anger as well as grief, allowing them a personal reason for beating the crap outta him. Anyway, they were pretty emotional. This made them try harder than before to beat Lucemon, which was exactly what was needed for going to the next level. Obviously, it worked.
  • Why are the Spirits of Light based on Garurumon if all the other Digimon in the Garurumon family are ice users?
    • Because the Garurumon family is based around wolves and Kouji's spirits were meant to emulate his image as a "lone wolf."
    • Probably to serve as a counterpart to his brother. In Adventure at least, only MetalGarurumon strictly used ice-based attacks, whereas Gabumon and the others used pure energy-based attacks, which is sort of what the Spirits of Light use as well. Biyomon's element is supposedly wind/air, but its evolutions use mostly fire attacks, so they don't necessarily have to match. And plus, Ice was already taken by the Ikakkumon-based Spirits, which made more sense for them.
  • About the scene in episode 17 where Kouji gives his jacket to Zoe because she was freezing:
    • Zoe was technically freezing because of her short-sleeved and bare-midriff outfit, then she worn Kouji's jacket, but she was still wearing it open still exposing her midriff but this time she was not freezing anymore. How is this possible?
      • Maybe it was her arms that were just cold and she felt warmer with the jacket on so her midriff didn't bother her.
    • Why didn't Zoe simply closed her own vest's zipper and end of the problem?
      • How do you know her vest even 'has' a zipper?
      • Her skirt has one as shown in ep. 15, so the vest may too.
  • Okay, about the movie, Island of Lost Digimon. Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon sealed away Ornismon, and after the two are awoken from, what? Centuries? Millenia? Of dormancy, they take the bird down in literally two-three attacks. So if they were that powerful, why even bother with sealing Ornismon in the first place?
  • Why did Seraphimon and Ophanimon need to bother with hiding the spirits all over the digital world and then summoning humans to go on a scavenger hunt when he/she/they could have brought the spirits to life like Cherubimon did? And for that matter, why didn't Cherubimon do that with the spirit of darkness? He said that he couldn't find a suitable host for it to bond to, but Arbormon, Ranamon, Grumblemon and Mercurymon were all apparently animated by Cherubimon's power alone without hosts. Or else something would have been left behind when they lost their spirits, aside from an egg of themselves. A host doesn't seem to be necessary when you can apparently cheat it using archangel magic. The only real explanation I can think of is because plot.
    • Presumably, there's some benefit to binding the Spirits to human/Digimon hosts, as Duskmon is the only one truly obedient to him; the four others had their own plans and interests. Alternately: The Ophanimon & Seraphimon / Cherubimon war had been raging far longer than we got to see, with the inclusion of the Spirits being a recent development.
    • It could be that animating the spirits was something only Cherubimon could do which is why Seraphimon and Ophanimon didn't do it. Alternately, they COULD do it, however they were unable to, what with Seraphimon having fallen into a deep sleep from which he couldnt wake up and Ophanimon being held captive by Cherubimon. Ophanimon may had been worried about animating the spirits herself since doing so would require bringing them to her and risking Cherubimon capturing and corrupting them himself so it was safer to keep them hidden where he couldnt track them.
  • The five rogue Legendary Warriors working for Cherubimon are at the equivalent of Champion level while in their human forms from what I understand. If so, then how is it that Mercurymon could be capable of reflecting back the attack of Seraphimon, a Mega-level Digimon, who should have easily been able to mop the floor of him and the other rogue Warriors when they attacked the castle at the Forest Terminal?
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