Fridge / Digimon Frontier

Fridge Brilliance

  • I've had a realization about Spirit Evolution, in terms of what is it. Basically, it's an overlay. According to the definition of overlay that I found regarding data, it is one of two or more pieces of data that can be loaded to a predetermined memory region on demand. Additionally: it can be stored like any other piece of data, it can be changed with another overlay at any time and only one overlay can occupy that space at a time. Sounds familiar, right? - Drakohahn

  • When Takuya and Koji gained the ability for Unity Spirit Evolution, it always bugged me that the Ice Spirit was a key part for the Fire Spirit. However it just hit me not that long ago; the Ice Spirit for the Fire Spirit and the Darkness Spirit for the Light Spirit were for control. All the other spirits were used to up the power of the Light and Fire Spirits, but they needed a counter productive spirit in order to have that power be controllable.

  • Having the human become Digimon themselves may be an odd plot element, but it actually makes perfect sense! Look to Windward... I mean the previous seasons for comfirmation.
    • Season 1: The movie concluding the season ends with two Digimon physically merging together to deliver a thorough asskicking.
    • Season 2: That same variety of Fusion Dance becomes the weapon of choice.
    • Season 3: A slightly different variation of Fusion Dance, between a physical human and a physical Digimon becomes the gimmick for that season.
    • Come Season 4, and we have humans physically merging together with the souls of various Digimon to fight as one.

  • Lucemon actually thought he was God. In The Bible, God is described both as a being of blinding light and deep shadow. Lucemon Chaos mode had both of these attributes, except he was evil and crazy. He convinced himself that he was God and thus only he should rule over everything.

  • Although much maligned, the Royal Knights arc actually shows what is probably the most realistic portrayal of Digimon gaining experience and strength in the entire series. They go from being new to the form and getting curb-stomped, to giving the knights some trouble, to fighting them on even footing, to finally beating them.

  • How was Takuya able to predict what that storm would do after he returned to the Digital World? It makes some sense when you consider that the Warriors' combined form is Susanoomon. Susanoo was the god of storms in Japanese Mythology.

  • Why are the Human-spirit Digimon Adult-classed? Because, it a way, they evolved from the chosen children.

Fridge Horror

  • What happens if the kids' data were scanned? Would they turn into a digi-egg? Would they DIE, for real? There's no indication that there are digi eggs for data that AREN'T digimon...
  • What happened to all the digi-eggs after the moons were blown up? Can eggs be perma-destroyed?
    • Doubtfully, considering how the series goes out of its way to avert the above trope (pretty much every time a Digimon is scanned, a Digitama is shown to fly away).
  • So... what happened to the other Trailmon and human kids in the first episode? We know some of them wound up in the Digital World... but there were more Trailmon and a lot more kids...
  • They were sent back home by Ophanemon. The ones with Angemon were the ones that refused to go.
  • There's a layer of horror revealed after Kouji takes a sword for Takuya. In a later episode, his balance (normally excellent) is off, his breathing is off-kilter and he's clearly holding his ribs, meaning that despite his Digimon form taking most of the damage, he still took a great deal of damage to his human body. This means any time the kids are hit with enough force, they're not only in danger because they're reduced to normal humans but because there might be damage that could prevent them from running away or dodging.