Tear Jerker / Digimon

Can you blame her, after what she's been through?

The Franchise as a whole
  • Any Digimon finale is a Tear Jerker. It's always heartwrenching, even on the fourth watch to see the chosen children be separated from the Digimon they spent 50-odd episodes bonding with and saving two worlds with. 02 doesn't have the separation, but by the time you see the Distant Finale you're still in tears over Oikawa (and, quite honestly, you might be crying for completely different reasons).

The Anime series

The Mangas

The Videogames

  • As of April 3rd, 2016, series-wide theme song singer Kouji Wada has lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed.
  • As of May 17th Yuki Mizutani the orignal voice actress for Sora after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer passed away, she will be missed by Digimon Fans and many others.