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Funny: China, IL
  • Jackie Lather's opening speech when he comes out of retirement to host the revival of the kids' talent show he hosted years ago. Keep in mind that he's no longer the cheery, energetic host he once was:
    Jackie Lather: The world is a dick. Fuck you for aging us and teasing humans with love.
  • From "The Dream Reamer," Frank seems to have dyed his pubic hair pink.
    Frank: "It was Valentine's Day[...]no, no, why did he print it out! Who does that?"
  • "Motherfucking Balloons!", the musical number of Frank's happy place in the episode "The Dean's List".
  • China, IL celebrating their victory in a math competition — by destroying the town. And they do it again when the Dean gets his job back (and the dog that got ripped in half returns, but this time, one half of him gets eaten while the other gets kicked).
  • Baby Cakes revealing that he was God and saying that his plan to play God to get the Mayor's self-esteem back was so good, he spent all his time getting people's hopes up at the local hospital — for nothing.
  • Robert Clotworthy's episode where apart from taking over Steve's life, his entire character is basically him Adam Westing his stint as the Ancient Aliens narrator. He even uses the same tone of voice through out the episode.
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