Heartwarming: China, IL

  • The original short that aired in 2008 has a pretty big one compared what the show would eventually become. After openly revealing to everyone at the funeral of a dead professor that Frank loved that she had always hated him, Baby Cakes finds him naked and curled up in a fetal position at her graveyard. He decides to comfort him.

  • "Prank Week" had one where, after Steve and most of the faculty are locked in cages by Babycakes (or in his case *welded into one*) he asks Prof. Cakes if he "has a safe word for when imagination time is over". Prof. Cakes' reaction? "Fuck you, Steve. He's special." He's a dubiously moral scientist, but he still loves his weird, weird son.
    • What really brings this one home is Prof. Cakes tone when he says it. It's devoid of Jeffrey Tambor's usual hamminess and replaced with the solemn range of someone who truly feels for their child.
  • Surprisingly in "Bi-Topping-Ality," the Mayor, a fundamental Christian who basically banned lots of things in UCI when he took over for a bit, has no problem with homosexuality. He even said how he thinks its okay for a man or a woman to marry the same gender.
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