YMMV / China, IL

  • Ear Worm: Baby Cakes' rap battle against the Dream Reamer.
    • The Super Brothers song from "Frankensteve"
    • The "China, IL is the best at math" song that played when China, IL won the math competition (and the reprise, "The mother-frickin' Dean is the best at life").
    • The whole "Get Your Ass Back To School" rap promo.
    • Once you get around his high voice, Frank's "Willing Sexy Bachelor" song can get ear-wormy.
    • "I see you at UCI! I see you at UCI! China, IL, China, IL. China, IL, China, IL. China, Illi-nois-n-nois. China, IL, China, IL."
    • When Frank is in his Happy Place: "Ballooooons! Motherfucking balloons!"
  • Growing the Beard: Though the first season is quite memorable, the extended length and more focused characterization of season 2's episodes really improved the series.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Just about all of "Secret Society", from massive squick of old women strippers, humans turning into animals through potion and killing anything and having sex with everything to Steve killing a girl's dog graphically.
    • Charlize has the death fog which killed the entire world except Frank and Pony because they were inside the safe chambers in a brutal way. If they didn't die from the fog/choking to death, they died from the people who died from it (plane crashing, bulldozer hitting the building, being hit by a taxi).
  • Squick: Pony having sex with a giant bedbug. Just...ew.