Awesome / China, IL

  • Frank, let us repeat, Frank walking up to the Dean, who easily outsizes him, with a broken arm, giving him a few And This Is for... smacks, and firing his gun, right at the Dean's head.
  • When Pony was gassing the sorority, where the key to campus were, to get the Bed Bug. Steve ran right in there to grab the keys and got out via jumping out the window because he didn't want The Dean to kill Pony. (And before anyone the dickless bit, Frank did point out it was poisonous and would rather be dickless and Steve did take one look at Pony before running in.)
  • Season 3 finale gives Frank an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech on that shallow girl at the end.
    • For extra effect, the Chewbacca-esque fur Frank has grown due to a hair remedy in the episode falls off while he gives this speech, basically stripping him down to the real Frank, free of any altered appearence, as he finally lets out a huge self-affirming "I AM MAGICAL!" It's pretty awesome.
  • The entire school and faculty, facing dismissal after every student failed their exams, shaping up, getting their act together, and passing their finals after being given only one week to relearn the semester. This newfound spirit doesn't last, of course, but not bad for a school labeled the worst in America.