Funny / Charlize Theron

  • In her appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis the funny comes from how "Zach" is damping down his normal tendency to be antagonistic towards his guests because he's obviously very attracted to (and somewhat intimidated by) "Charlize", but at the same time, he can't help being needled by her immensely patronising compliments on how funny he is. It all culminates in this:
    Charlize: [to camera] Donít put this on camera. [leans over to Zach, whispers] My thighs are so sweaty right now, itís like, dripping all the way down to the back of my knees. Look at this. Itís like, the only thing that could cool me off right now is to jump naked into a pool, itís so fuckiní hot.
    Zach: Are...are you asking me to go with you?
    Charlize: [stares at him blankly] Where.
    Zach: ...In the naked pool.
    [Pause. Charlize cracks up laughing. Zach is not amused.]
    Charlize: Oh my GOD! You are HILARIOUS!
    Zach: [muttering] I wasnít joking.
    Charlize: You know how you made it really funny, is because the image, of, like, me and you, like, me, naked, in a pool, with a fat garden gnome, like ... [cracks up laughing again] Thatís like really good! You are really good. You are really good.
    Zach: [profoundly humiliated and angry] ...I hope your dog dies.
    Charlize: [cracks up laughing again] ...I just pissed myself.
  • As Gadget in the horrifying Saturday Night Live sketch ''Bikini Beach Party'', she did a spot-on Dull Surprise and Bad "Bad Acting", climaxing with the Bloody Hilarious moment in which a whale explodes next to her and Darren, showering them with blood and gore, whereupon they move to another part of the beach with another whale, and it happens all over again.
  • When she first met Barack Obama, she had a spot of what she calls "verbal diarrhoea" and offered to take him to a strip club.
  • During filming of The Huntsman: Winter's War her son got a Precocious Crush on Emily Blunt. To the degree where they were driving past a poster advertising the film and he excitedly says "look, it's Emily!" - completely ignoring his mother on the poster.
  • Trying to promote A Million Ways to Die in the West on The Graham Norton Show. Emphasis on try.
    "It's really funny and...I'm naked!"
    • She also demonstrates the uncanny ability to imitate a goat.
    • To prelude that, Graham insinuates that she was very 'comfortable' around sheep.
    Graham: I imagine you were very comfortable around the sheep.
    Charlize: What is that supposed to mean?
    Graham: Weren't you raised around goats?
    Charlize: Well starts with that. They [the audience] don't know that.