Funny / Charlize Theron

  • In her appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis the funny comes as usual from the awkwardly blurry line between reality and performance. Asked if she has a pet, Theron says that she has several dogs, but her account of how one of them is dying of cancer is interrupted by Zach holding up a video game disc in front of her face because it's from their "sponsor". Throughout the interview, she keeps giving Zach patronising compliments on how funny he is, in a way that he clearly finds very annoying, while at the same time he can barely conceal how attractive he finds her. It all culminates in this:
    Charlize: [to camera] Donít put this on camera. [leans over to Zach, whispers] My thighs are so sweaty right now, itís like, dripping all the way down to the back of my knees. Look at this. Itís like, the only thing that could cool me off right now is to jump naked into a pool, itís so fuckiní hot.
    Zach: Are...are you asking me to go with you?
    Charlize: [stares at him blankly] Where.
    Zach: ...In the naked pool.
    [Pause. Charlize cracks up laughing. Zach is not amused.]
    Charlize: Oh my GOD! You are HILARIOUS!
    Zach: [muttering] I wasnít joking.
    Charlize: You know what made it really funny, is because, the image, of me and you, like, me, naked, in a pool, with a fat garden gnome, like ... [cracks up laughing again] Thatís like really good! You are really good. You are really good.
    Zach: ...I hope your dog dies.
    Charlize: [stares at him for a moment and then cracks up laughing again] I just pissed myself.