Funny: Casper

  • The Ghostly Trio scare Dr. Harvey upon their first meeting, though this can also count as terrifying:
    Stretch: (duelling with Dr. Harvey) Who do you think you are, defilin' our domicile?!
    Dr. Harvey: (parrying with every word) Doctor! James! Harvey! Your! Therapist!
  • Dan Ackroyd in full gear stumbles out of the house. "Who You Gonna Call?...someone else." *runs*
  • Casper follows Kat to school. After her classmates give her a hard time, Casper pays them all back by tying their shoelaces together. When the end-of-class bell rings, they all trip and fall to the floor in unison.
  • "Uh... boo?" (loud screaming)
  • The Up and At 'Em machine, especially with Carrigan and Dibbs.
  • The Ghostly Trio use Casper as an accordion, then fling him to the moon.
    "Good byyyyeee!"
  • "It's my party and I'll die if I want to!"
  • Kat and Stretch exchanging insults across the table. When Dr. Harvey tries to urge her off to school, she can't help but make one last parting remark.
    Kat: (pissed) Drop dead!
    Stretch: TOO LATE!
  • In a hilariously matter-of-fact voice: "I'm going to kill you, your mama, and all her bridge-playin' friends!"
  • As scary as the Ghostly Trio looked when they scared Dr. Harvey, you can't help but find it funny.
  • Carrigan's scream as she plummets off the cliff.
  • Old lady on TV: "A g-g-g-ghooost!"
  • Dr. Harvey when he turns into the Crypt Keeper.
  • Upon finding Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie's beds:

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