Funny / Casino

  • Ace putting his pants on in his office before a meeting with the County Commissioner.
  • Nicky escorting a gorgeous showgirl out to his car to get a blowjob from her while, all the time, droning on about the veal he stocks in the kitchens of the restaurant he owns.
  • Nicky's constant over-the-top cursing and insults often crosses the line into hilarious. The funniest one is his berating of the guy who who took his shoes off and put his feet on the table at Ace's casino:
    "You shit-kickin', stinky horse-manure-smellin' motherfucker, you!"
    • Also, when he badgers a gambling-addicted informant over blowing all his utility money.
      "Don't fuck with me, Al! Don't you make a fuck outta me!"
  • Piscano's mother's face when he says, "They could all be in on it together, those miserable fucks!"
    • "I'm sorry, Ma, I'm sorry, I'm just, I'm upset!"
      • This could well be a result of Enforced Method Acting. The actress playing Piscano's mother is Martin Scorsese's mother, who at the time was slowly starting to show symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Ace's daughter endlessly antagonizing Lester and driving him nuts.
    "She started it. She started the whole thing. I'm just standing here."
    • At one point, they get into a childish "Shut up!" "No, you shut up!" argument.
  • At the end, following a confrontation between Ginger, Ace and Nicky, Ace ends up paranoid that he's going to be receiving a visit from Nicky and his friends that he won't survive. The next morning, having stayed awake all night with Billy and a shotgun, he hears a noise on the lawn. It's Ginger, drunk and high, repeatedly driving her car right into the back of his and screaming at him. The look on Ace's face is part relief, part "... Really? I stayed up all night for this?"
  • The scene where a plane being used by The Feds is forced to make an emergency landing on a golf fairway, because it had been circling Nicky's golf game for so long that it ran out of gas. This results in the two agents inside quickly trying to run off of the greens, holding fairly obvious cameras... all while Ace is trying to get through his casino license hearing by The Control Board. Nicky's response?
    "A hundred dollars to whoever hits that plane." (Cut to Nicky and his gang whacking golf balls at the airplane)
    • And it's funny because this really did happen.
  • Ace's Control Freak nature hits overdrive when in the middle of his tense life, he notices that his blueberry muffin has fewer blueberries than that of the other guy's plate. Quick cut—he's down in the kitchen telling the kitchen staff to ensure that there are an equal number of blueberries in each muffin. When the chef tells him that this will delay cooking, his reply is one for the ages.
    "I don't care how long it takes. Put an equal—amount—in each—muffin."
    • Bonus points for the camera panning back and forth between the two muffins, as if being comically sympathetic.
  • Ace's ending speech, which is essentially him telling the tale of how Las Vegas' Dork Age began. Specifically the part where he laments that "today it looks like Disneyland" while we get a dramatic shot of a gang of old people entering the casino with the operatic music from the opening playing in the background.
  • Nicky dislikes being "watched" by the people he robs so he turns their pictures around, as if he were the offended party there.
  • The infamous scene with Nicky overspending in the casino.
    • "How the fuck can you grin? How the fuck can you grin? You know how much I'm stuck? Do you give a fuck? Do ya?"
    • "Take this stiff and pound it up your fucking ass!"
      • "Take this stiff and pound it up your sister's ass!"
    • "Why the fuck do you keep lookin' at him?"
    • And, of course, to Sherbert: "What are you staring at, you bald-headed Jew prick?" He proceeds to beat him up with a telephone, even ripping it off the wall and slamming it on his back as he's on the ground.
    • All of this is wonderfully set to "Ain't Got No Home" by Clarence "Frogman" Henry. As such, uploads of the song on YouTube are filled with comments from the film.
  • The scene where Nikki and Frankie have a business conversation out on the street (because the FBI had already placed a wire in their joint), but have to keep covering their mouths because of the lip readers.